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San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

Posted by Enviado por PA 
Aerial Photos
San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
July 24, 2016 08:59AM
Has anyone been there and have any comments ?

Maybe. I said 'maybe', P.E. 20 years ago??
Re: San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
July 24, 2016 11:07AM
Definitely worth a visit, PA, and definitely small-town-ish 'sorta' like Puerto "20 years ago"...... at least like Zicatela.... though purportedly growing fast these days.

While its been a few years since our last visit, San Juan del Sur is (or at least was) a bit timely to get to from Managua, though such back-then arduous travel was well worth the often Good surf and regularly GREAT fishing......

Prime olive ridley and even larger leatherback turtle spawning grounds, too.
Re: San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
July 24, 2016 01:13PM

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Re: San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
July 24, 2016 01:47PM
Four years ago, for the second time in 43 years I decided to take the TICA bus from Tapachula to Panama City. I stopped off in Nicaragua for about 10 days, I found most of the country with the possible exception of Granada rather grimy and third-worldish which is not too surprising seeing its recent history, civil wars, earthquakes etc... I was glad to arrive in Costa Rica.
Re: San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
July 25, 2016 09:44AM
“Nicaragua…… rather grimy and third-worldish which is not too surprising seeing its recent history, civil wars, earthquakes etc.”

I especially adored the still proudly-worn (now rotting) Che Guevara ‘caps’, Gil, as yet another shining example of Successful Socialism at work!! Albeit, Augusto Juan Sandino was an entirely ‘different’ story.

And well-noted Pedro….. as PA’s question was indeed, "IS San Juan like Puerto" (or at least Zicatela) some “20 years ago”….. (or at least 25-30, eh, poops-n-all )!! ;-)

And no ‘comparison’ was being made (nor least of all Competition suggested!!) between San Juan’s and Puerto’s fishing. Merely a DUE endorsement if PA’s interest in the area WAS fishing. IMHE, Big Dorado Runs were particularly memorable there…..!

Ditto for the sheer ‘wonderment’ of annual Olive Ridly spawning in both areas, though the Costa Chica ‘shores’ DO lack the welcome seasonal nightly sightings of Nicaraguan and Costa Rican shore Leatherbacks…… often 4, 5, to 6 FEET+ in length and 3-4 FEET+ across! Stunning....(!!!)..... which for ‘some’ is often reason alone for a temporal visit.

It’s ALL Good though….. for at least a look/see…… as is regular global travel in general!!!

Viaje con DIOS….. (?)

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Re: San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
July 26, 2016 08:48AM
costa rica sucks. expensive and they have had too many tourists. I went there on the way to nica.

san juan del sur is ok but surf is way out of town. don't use casa de oro. they left me stranded at a beach and I had to pay aguy to drive me back
another ride service only took me where they had lessons and the surf sucked.

otherwise I found the country shabby buy very improved oover the last trip during the contra war, beer cheap. bread hard to find except Granada.

surf good at nearby deadend road beach. stayed at good cheap lazy turtle.
Re: San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
July 26, 2016 02:50PM
Loved our time in nica. San Juan is interesting but no comparison to p/e. Surfing was not at par as puerto. The people were great hope to return again great country to travel in
Re: San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
August 04, 2016 07:04AM
No comparison to PE. I thought SJdS was a bit grimy, and a nasty beach. $5 RT shuttles to Playa Maderas or Hermosa to surf. The nightlife was fun.Waves were good at Hermosa, a really beautiful beach.Better was Playa Gigante a bit North. Absolutely stunning, if a bit undeveloped. Walking distance to Playa Colorado to surf. Nica blows away CR, much cheaper, and less ladrones. Its a great place to visit in between Puerto, but lacks transport, coolnights,great food, gorgeous coves. Try Ecuador, a bit North of Montanita, Olon or Ayampe. Much better IMHO. We heading to El SAl next, El Sunzal.
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