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May 03, 2016 07:56PM
If any of you are from B C or Alberta forest fires are burning out of control .
Its a disaster Check your PC news
Re: fires
May 03, 2016 09:30PM
Brian Jean the leader of the official opposition Widrose Party just confirmed his home in Fort Mc Murray was destroyed by fire.
Re: fires
May 04, 2016 10:13AM
Why are their more Forrest fires ...well ...part of the reason is because cars only burn 80% -90% of their fuel, where does the rest of it go? Into the air, and the combustibles eventually land somewhere.....like trees, the world is getting saturated by fuel....be prepared for world changes soon because of this.
Re: fires
May 04, 2016 05:03PM
Just saw film of the fires on the news this evening, and it looks horrendous. My sympathy goes out to many of those who have lost everything. Just very sad.
Re: fires
May 04, 2016 05:04PM
The answer is bark beetles


Driving across the western states/provinces one sees millions of acres of dead trees,
fuel for future catastrophic events awaiting lightening strikes.
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