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Chicken Soup for Canada Customs

Posted by • Enviado por MortimerSnerd 
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Chicken Soup for Canada Customs
March 18, 2016 05:15PM
...pure insanity prevails at Canada Customs... this is the kind of idiotic stuff that goes on at airports... they are looking for cash grab opportunities and is why I prefer to drive.


"No Soup for You CBSA Goons"

...not sure why this was considered 'off topic'... it has to do with a guy who took some packaged Knorr Chicken Soup base he purchased in MEXICO, then was told it was an 'animal product' and got fined $800...and how many Zappers just might drive home in their car or have in their motorhome cupboard some Knorr chicken soup base purchased in Mexico? Cha-Ching... you are fined $800 So be careful...

... if it weren't so sad.. this could be the makings of a great Monty Python skit...

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Re: Chicken Soup for Canada Customs
March 19, 2016 12:34PM
i bring a little jar of that home every year . i always declare it . sometimes i think it all depends on what kind of mood they are in that day.
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