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Suggestion to avoid never ending rants

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Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 22, 2013 05:32PM
From time to time, readers are subjected to long rants that only serve to satisfy the writer, obsessed at venting whatever he (she) has on his (her) mind. Most if not all of these long rants are either opened up and closed just as quickly, the reader (me) not wanting to be bored to tears. And all of these long rants take up space in TZ.

I am not a tweeter, and I don't even know how to tweet, but the little I do know of the Tweeting process, the author is limited as to the length of his tweet. We have some members that are quite literate and use TZ as a mechanism to direct you, with a teaser, to their personal blog. Readers visit these blogs as they wish those that are not interested, don't. And, this is great.

Having said this, my suggestion would be to limit all posts to a tweet or double tweet length. And for all that I know, I may have over shot an acceptable tweet length with this rant. It seems to work for Twiter so why should it not work for TZ? Just a thought.

Do we have takers ?

Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 22, 2013 05:46PM
somebody else trying to arrange the conversations...
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 22, 2013 06:21PM
Tweets are limited but are usually a link to something else .... Blog post or article

Just put the Witch on ignore and read them now and then. TZ doesn't seem to mind so relax

Sparks Blog - Melaque Blog - Costalegre
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 22, 2013 06:54PM
Re; "From time to time, readers are subjected to long rants that"

Wrong Bidnnow! You are not subjected to anything. You do not have to read anything you wish!!! Where is it a rule that you must read what you don't like, and then waste more time telling us how dumb you are for wasting your precious time? Are you also subjected to every post on every eating and drinking and dancing joint, reports of the highway and air fares comments? I sure as hell aint subjected to anything on this idiot box I am writing on. It's one place where I have all of the control over what I subject myself to, whether objectively or subjectively. Watch the numbers bibnnow. See what the most popular subjects in terms of hits are on this channel. People want to read about misery here. Other people's misery. They love a bun fight where two sides fight it out live and on air! They like to write about thier own too. Prove me wrong! What they don't want is a victim of a crime here whining because it's always somehow the victim's fault, correct Bidnnow??? I've been subjecting myself to reading about Steve C's lagoon critters and now I'm working on getting a boat together because I miss the water. I'm glad he posts them here so I don't need to put his blog on my full 'favorites' list. Why don't you try some action for this community. You know what's wrong with the malecon in Barra but they are making a big mistake, says you. You can't bide with what you read on the local channel, so you complain about reading it. Did your wife force you to read tomzap today?
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 22, 2013 07:05PM
sparks Wrote:
> Just put the Witch on ignore and read them now and
> then. TZ doesn't seem to mind so relax

ΒΏWho are you trying to fool sparkly??? You can't ignore one word I say and never could, even when you publicly declare you are doing so and try to pull together a team to support your non-ignorance of me. I think you have a strange obsession about exactly where I'm coming from. You are one of the few regulars who hasn't figured it out yet! Your day will come.
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 22, 2013 10:16PM
This is real easy.....let's do the numbers......in 6 years Sparky has contributed 3,947 posts to TZ. I have followed the majority of them, and I would say 95% have been positive advice and directions for all. Now enter CRoberts.....time in grade(TZ) 1 year, and he has a total of 2,412 posts to TZ, and I would say 95% have been nothing but rant and ridicule of others ,with little advice or pertinent information to the topic at be.. Roberts....get another venue.....you may live there now, but you know nothing of Melaque or the surrounding area, let alone Mexico. You contribute ZIP for any new person looking for real information about the area, or any person looking for updates on the area. Surely , you have something better to do. I will be returning to Melaque in January 2014 for the 27th time. I was there at a time before TZ. A quiet time, a quiet place ....a pre-chrisroberts kind of place,where exchanging information with people was a pleasant ,and elightning experience. A sharing of ideas without being angry, or upset. CR reminds me of a" Rooster" from not so long ago.Do you all remember, all the rants he did?.... But......you didn't post here then, CRoberts, because you didn't know TZ existed. But now you do.....ok......make it 2,413....and rant on me....Sparky do you think he'll bite?.....you know why you live in Pinal......the beauty of this whole thing is this, consider the source..............click_____
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 22, 2013 10:32PM
Armando... In defence of CRoberts, he does often make valued contributions to this forum:
Drowning in VO the Weekend

But I just wish sometimes CR/Wichita would be much more succinct. I also remember Rooster, he was a very nice man face to face even though I almost could not stand him when he was here.

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Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 22, 2013 10:49PM
The rants tend to fizzle out fairly quickly and are far more entertaining than endless ads for this restaurant or that.
Here's a plan. If you don't like rants don't read them or contribute to them. Furthermore starting a whole thread ranting against rants is a whole new form of reader abuse that I'm going to have to process. Good thing I'm going to be incommunicado for a month while I commune with the Canadian wilderness.
Keep the rants going if you can. Otherwise this site will become as boring as a bunch of tumbleweeds. ;)
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 23, 2013 12:13AM

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Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 23, 2013 03:37AM
I'm glad to have a fan Pedro. Too bad you can't read well. Is it your eyes or lack of learning? This is a computer forum Pedro. You need to be able to read and comprehendto partake in a computer forum, or, like you just did, you get the information provided all wrong! It didn't need a re-write by someone who doesn't get it! Keep up the bad work!

Your one sentence paragraph rant is entirely incorrect Pedro but, to be expected from you. Congratulations, you are , once again, true to your form.
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 23, 2013 03:44AM
How come Sparky you don't complain about this thread being off-topic? (please don't, I love these rants!)
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 23, 2013 06:02AM
I in fact Pedro enjoy having little girls and little boys play at my house, both inside and out. That's why I also have telecable and a room for them. I have family too. They enjoy hanging out and using free internet signals, watching TV, fighting and taking care of me. I enjoy hanging out at school at recess and watching the smaller ones play sports. I was approved as a foster father of some badly abused children once in a past life.

The thing is this. My fiance is here 100% of the time that the children are here. Her daughter is my Ijada (God daughter). On the very rare occasion that Maria gets here before her mother, she plays outside until her mother's arrival. Society here is not ready to tolerate a single guy in his home alone with his young God daughter yet so we all just move around the customs and traditions as required. I call it survival (find another way).

I don't have to move. I can't legally change the keys without giving copies to the agent in question so I won't waste that loot I aint got.

Let's see, have I forgotten anything. Oh yea. They apologised and gave me some money they owed me over a motorcycle trampa yesterday. My contract is now fulfilled and I have found a much better deal. I'm pretty sure "Millie" will be playing with Maria and Hermancito in my new digs, screaming that awful scream of hers in a week because I am moving across the street. I shouldn't have let it get me down but I hate when kids are used in a disagreement. It's , at the very least, immature.

I haven't spoken English to anyone in maybe a month, with the exception of a quick word with the other Steve last week. The people do not want me to move and apologies were accepted. I've been planning to move there for 10 months or more and made the deal a month ago. My contract here is over. The agent doesn't know about my move.

And, if you were a real member of this panel, you would already know all of the above about me because I am very open about most aspects of my life, Pedro.

It's not a good thing to be a renter when you can't trust your landlord or his agent. That's all I want, really. I've lost all of my stuff twice now by criminal landlords. I don't give them grief! I need a contract and receipt for everything, no matter how much I trust the landlord.

So, how close was your analysis Pedro? Thank you so much for the comment which amounts to a vieled inferrance that I am a sexual deviant‘‘‘ What was that???
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 23, 2013 07:22PM
When will it stop ? It is painful to read a whole bunch of words saying nothing.

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Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 23, 2013 08:36PM
Well bidnnow, you started this off topic thread about me. You did not do yourself much of a favour from the beginning with your title being deceptive and your intent being to have some fun on me, apparently. well, I'm having a ball. You are all a collective piece of cookie when it comes to challenging your misinfomation, deception and misunderstandings amd when you obviously can't. When is it going to stop? Well with you asking me questions and using this forum for some personal agenda that I can't imagine, don't expect it to just drop off. Maybe you should re-read Tacoloco's comment. I got me my laugh of the day and he nailed it. as long as you're going to bait me, it's going to go on until one of us gets tired and quits. I'm still fresh and happy. You initiated this, you tell me. Nancy seems to have no problem and I wrote you to thank you but you really should be more honest with yourself when you titled this thread. It has nothing to do with the Pacific coast of Mexico and everything to do with me. I wanted to thank you because I was having so much fun defending myself against people who had misinformed themselves, misread what I wrote in pretty plain English, one made a way offside suggestion that was definately meant to agitate and therefore breaks the rules but, I know the 2 rules, try not to break them but really don't care. Ususally, off topic threads get shipped out. Do you suppose the moderator is trying to let you guys see what you sound like? It almost seems that you might be the only one who doesn't know the answer to When will it stop...? It's off topic, on the top of page one and over 27 hours. I sholdn't be here tomorrow. Just remember BDNNow, I did not sit down at your table, you sat down on mine. I don't think I got that letter sent but it also said that I hope you don't take things too peronally. I don't. Song for you Bidnnow (great song for (particularly men) who are honest with themselves):[www.youtube.com]

(Too tired to proofread. Too bad about typos.)
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 23, 2013 08:52PM
BidNow .. when push comes to shove, in the end it's the owner of this site who decides whether or not the diatribes from Chris... or myself... or you are worth the bandwidth. It's he (or she) who owns the site who makes the rules....maybe they don't care or maybe they find Chris (or me) a budding scribe worthy of the New York Times editorial pages..

...just send a pm and ask...

...de Mort
Re: Suggestion to avoid never ending rants
July 23, 2013 10:50PM
I think vidnnow is obsessed with me for whatever reason. He appears to not like my contributions and has a viral off topic thread pushing 30 hours. Bidnnow and all of you are bringing this on with your behavioir, commemts and if you all just let it go, it will die. When I see that Bidnnow is pritnting off entire forum front pages, circling my handle in red and scanning them to show that what he and a few others claim is true. I'm a prolific commentor on this forum. Complaining about it and making it personal is not wise if you don't like it. I will always have a comeback and I've got a grip and el gripe. If you really need it to stop, let it go, don't keep giving opening that door for me and trying tp pull the rug out from under me at the same time. It should be kinda plain about it and say Zummie's queerie about insnity. Isn't doing the sam thing trpeatedly and expecting anything but the same outcome can apparently prove that one is insane. Maybe it's a Floida statuteΒΏΒΏΒΏ

Bidnnow, your last post has me alarmes. It appears you are getting quite obsessed about your grievance with me. Nothing is working for you so you do some perfect printing of TZ, mark it up to prove that what you claim is true. O not in any position to make claims about yout health but you've sure got a bug up yer arse for me. go? When you started this thread about me and I began reacting to it but saying nothing rude. I think you are possibly obsessed with an vain attempt to get me angry and you're going a little bit overboard perhaps. I'll concede I make the most comments on the board many of which ramble on about something topical to the board's purpose and my own daily experiences as do others who live here. Do I get tired of defending myself? Not from all the ususal suspects vultures hanging around waiting for Steve to go [www.youtube.com]
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