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Our FM3 application

Posted by iamx 
Our FM3 application
September 10, 2011 08:15AM
In case anyone is interested, we applied for our Mexican residency Visa (formerly FM3) last week. If you've ever looked on line for what you need, you've probably seen a different list from each authoritative website, including such stuff as three months of rental or utility receipts for your residence in Mexico, statement of good health from a doctor, statement of sterling character from your local police, bank statement that they will send $1500 monthly to a Mexican bank, very formal letter to the consulate, passport photos, everything notarized, etc. Here's what I DID need:
--Simple letter that I wrote and had translated stating the purpose for moving to Mexico (retirement), and my residence address in Mexico. I did one for myself and another for my wife.
--Proof of monthly income of at least $1500. We used Social Security award letters.
--Current passports.
--$134.00 each in cash.
--Visa application, which we did at the consulate.
I called ahead to the consulate in Omaha and made an appointment, and got in right on time. Everyone was very helpful and friendly (I got the impression that the FM3 desk isn't very busy these days), and we received our very official looking Visas in about 90 minutes. Of course, we have to exchange them for the annual ones once we get to Mexico. BTW, we had the passport photos ready and although they didn't need them, they said we might need them when we exchanged our cards in Mexico.
That was it.
Re: Our FM3 application
September 11, 2011 06:09AM
Good for you! Yes, you will need the photos when you get to Manzanillo. When we were there in July for my husbands visa renewal (FM3), ALL of the other clients there were of Asian descent. It took about 45 min, including the trip to the bank. You might have a longer wait by the time you get here, as you didn't say when you are coming down. I'm curious....what will be the official date of your visa? The date you got it up there or the date you get your card here? Hopefully for you, it will be the date up there (less people at migracion).
Have a safe move!
Re: Our FM3 application
September 14, 2011 09:31AM
Since we're driving down via N. Laredo, the lady at the consulate thought we could get our INAMI Visa there although she didn't claim to be an authority about the Mexican side of the process. I'll let you know when they start the clock on it. Do you happen to know how many photos I need? One site said three face on and two profile shots which seemed a little much.
Re: Our FM3 application
September 14, 2011 03:12PM
You have to use your local Immigration office closest to where you prove you live. That's either Manzanillo or Colima if there is one there. Don't bother looking around N. Laredo

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Re: Our FM3 application
September 16, 2011 09:02AM
That office will be Manzanillo. My husband took 3 of each, front & side.
Re: Our FM3 application
September 16, 2011 04:11PM
I believe it's 3 front and 2 side (right) and of size 'infantil' ... not passport. Farmacias Guadalajara does them for 50 pesos

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