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Rangel Hidalgo design furniture

Posted by Comala Host 
Rangel Hidalgo design furniture
August 07, 2011 08:20PM
Alejandro Rangel design furniture made in the magical town of Comala

Hi I would like to share this video where you can see the diferent furniture made in Comala.

Saludos from Comala!


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Re: Rangel Hidalgo design furniture
August 22, 2011 12:56PM
I enjoyed the slide show of the "Rangel" art and artistry. We have been coming to Colima for almost 20 years and always wondered about Comala's "painted furniture" mentioned in guide books. Especially on the east side of Mexico, when a town has a cottage industry, pretty much every houshold is involved in some way, from making it to selling it, often in competition with one another - you can't miss it. Not so in Comala, where we never saw any evidence of the painted furniture for sale. While there this winter we learned about the artisan's shop just up the road towards Colima/Villa and walked to it, finally discovering the painted furniture a la Rangle. We had been to the museum and eco garden in Nogueras, of course, but hadn't put the two together.
We decided to have them make us a coffee table to take back to the U.S. We selected the dimensions, color, painting design, and wood (we picked parota), and then walked back every few days to check on its progress. The whole process took about three weeks, with each part of the job done by different men or women. I would post a photo of it on here but can't get my photos downsized enough. As I recall, it was about 4400 pesos. It was great to support the local artisans and we now have a beautiful and unique table here at home.
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