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Winter in Comala (long)

Posted by iamx 
Winter in Comala (long)
April 15, 2011 05:35PM
As luck would have it, my wife and I found this forum the day after we left Comala after spending the winter there, and despite the fact that I have used other features of the TOMZAP site for years. We were at the Hotel Las Palomas in Tonala' and I was checking on-line to see if there was anything about our World's Best Pizza Place so far - Adobe Pizza in Comala - and here it was.
We have Mexican friends in the area (long story) and while there last summer, we let them know we were looking for a furnished place to rent in Comala from Nov through mid March. What they came up with was wonderful. It's a small "bungalow" in the eco-garden of an architect, Francisco (Paco) Cardenas Munguia (cell 312-31-71-1894) and features a jungly-feel with tropical plants and trees such as vanilla, mamey, cocoa, bananas, coconut, heliconias, etc. It had excellent birding. The bungalow was like half an A-frame with a small kitchen (two burner stove and no oven), couch, chairs and tables below and a steep metal stairway leading to the the twin beds upstairs. You enter through a large glassed/screened-in patio area which was great for watching the resident motmot and other birds. It also has secure, covered parking. Drawbacks? Although it says it accomodates four, you'd better be pretty good friends. There are no interior doors except to the bathroom and, consequently, no privacy. The wireless internet connection was iffy (we often sat on the porch of the main house to get it) but Paco says he's getting a more powerful router. It's five blocks east of the Square towards Nogueras on Degollado. Paco prefers to rent it by the month but you could check about shorter times. We have it reserved again next winter, but he is building another bungalow. He rents it for 4,800 pesos per month. Please note: I have no financial stake in this or anything else in Comala.
Since there were a number of comments about good restaurants, I'll give our favorites, not in order.
--Adobe Pizza. After consistently unpleasant experiences with Mexican pizza, my wife almost had to drag me into this place. I'm glad she did - the delicious small pizzas have a wafer thin crust with a good choice of toppings and baked in an adobe oven. The restaurant is modern yet intimate. The two young owners are delightful and speak pretty good English.
--The French restaurant "Le Cafe Gourmand" is very good and, as said by another poster, deserves support. I know nothing about French cuisine, but do know that we all enjoyed it. They have the best salad in Comala.
--Taco places. Two, actually. The one run by Miguel and his mother. Go west from the square past Los Portales etc. botanas one block and turn left. It's an outside stand on the right almost at the end of the long block. Miguel speaks good English and loves to talk while his mom makes tacos heaped with meat and offers plenty of toppings. They're so overflowing that Mary separates the two little tortillas to make two tacos. Also, check out the old man's late morning/lunch stand by the corner of the church. These are sizzled slices of lean beef on a big hand-pressed tortilla. The toppings are usually depleted by the time you get there. You can get a drink at the stand on one side and a fresh fruit cup at the stand on the other side.
--Polla Asado. There are three places near us and all are good, but the one we like best is on the road to Villa de Alvarez. Go around the gloria at Soriana and come back towards Comala. It's the one with the blazing wood fire and the heavy set guy always in front.
--Japanese. We went to the recently opened Japanese restaurant at the same corner as the Maria Isabel Hotel in Colima. We were served by the head chef (we had connections!) who prepared everything on the hot griddle in front of us, complete with the clacking spatulas and airborne citrus, etc. Everything was fabulous including the sushi, although it lacked the wasabi and ginger we are used to.
Re: Winter in Comala (long)
April 16, 2011 08:49AM
We love to eat at Restaurante Antigua when in Comala. Did you have a chance to eat there ?
Re: Winter in Comala (long)
April 17, 2011 12:16PM
If that's the place along the edge of the wide ravine a couple blocks west (directions iffy) of the Centro, and it has several levels, yes. The first time we enjoyed it - I got some kind of steak with "fuego" sauce that was actually not too picante, and very good. The second time, after getting our drinks, the server ignored us while he enjoyed his meal at a table around the corner. After about 25 minutes, we gave up, paid our bill at the counter, and moved on. It was New Year's Eve - maybe he didn't want to be working.
Re: Winter in Comala (long)
April 18, 2011 07:35PM
You might be thinking of El Pueblito on Benito Juarez.......now closed. The steps went down several seating areas to a huge deck & playgrounds.
It was picturesque but service never seemed to be their strong suite!
The French restaurant has now moved to Hidalgo, just 2 blocks north of the church. Nice setting, sure hope the food & service will be as good as the other location. Should be much better for them.
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