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Medical Clinic Colima /Villa

Posted by Comalian 
Medical Clinic Colima /Villa
July 22, 2021 09:30AM
Looking for a good Medlcal Doctor and Clinic in Villa Alvarez o Colima. IAMX, I heard you found a good one but need some directions or name and address.
Re: Medical Clinic Colima /Villa
July 23, 2021 06:57PM
All I know about are a good dermatologist in Colima - Karel Sahagún Sánchez - in Colima and a great dentist - Ricardo Bravo - also in Colima. I don't know where you are from but the doctor and the clinic in Comala gets pretty good reviews. They all speak English. I don't have a family or whatever doctor here so if you find one let me know.
Re: Medical Clinic Colima /Villa
July 25, 2021 06:40AM
Thanks, I am looking too for a good dentist so thanks for the recommendation. He is located in the Hospital ‘tho and I avoid hospitals like the plague (ok, bad play on words sorry). I did not realize orthodontists did general dentistry. From Lago de Chapala. 2 years in Comala.
Re: Medical Clinic Colima /Villa
August 08, 2021 02:42PM
The best dentist I have ever had anywhere is Dr Leonel Casrdenas at
Av. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 35 Real Vista Hermosa
28018 Colima, Col.

Web site [leonelcardenasgrupodental.com.mx]


Re: Medical Clinic Colima /Villa
August 08, 2021 05:32PM
Thanks Siempre, very much appreciated. Wish I’d seen this Thursday. If my scheduled visit Tuesday doesn’t work out now I’ll have someone to fall back on
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