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Aggressive dogs

Posted by iamx 
Aggressive dogs
December 08, 2020 04:57PM
Here in Comala we have several pleasant streets for walking which, unfortunately, have unrestrained and very aggressive dogs. I have seen pepper spray online which I assume would be effective in deterring them, presumably with one or two applications. I am not anxious to use it on them but I am also not anxious to being threatened again or bitten. I am not very good at throwing rocks anymore. The question: does anyone know if there are any prohibitions for using it on dogs for personal protection?

Re: Aggressive dogs
December 10, 2020 09:25AM
Bob, as you no doubt know there are two reasons for dogs to be aggressive. One is fear and the other will bite. My thought would be to carry two things. First a walking cane/stick. That and faking to pick up a rock will send the first variety into a flight response. The second thing I would carry is what some refer incorrectly to as a taser. The electrical noise will stop most dogs in their tracks. Should one bite your leg a shot from the taser will make him think twice. You can find the under Taser in Mercadolibre Mexico.
Re: Aggressive dogs
December 12, 2020 08:51AM
I have to agree on the act of picking up a rock...I have sent many dogs here in Mexico scurrying off by picking up a rock.
Re: Aggressive dogs
January 21, 2021 09:01AM
ooh l have so many problems with my dog lately also, when he sees even a familiar face he's starting to be aggressive. But it's not always, from time to time, but every day it is more and more ofter
Re: Aggressive dogs
February 22, 2021 06:18PM
Yolanda how is your dog doing? Causes of aggression are many. Lack of confidence, lack of exercise, health problems, isolation, being tied up and not allowed to be part of the family as well, of course, poor breeding. Obviously if not rectified they become a danger, especially to young children. As well you can be open to a law suit if someone is harmed. Maybe do some research about Caesar Milan, the dog whisperer.
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