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German Shepherd Puppy

Posted by JaliscienseFede 
German Shepherd Puppy
December 31, 2016 07:59PM
Anyone know of a German Shepherd breeder in the area?
Re: German Shepherd Puppy
January 03, 2017 03:45PM
I don't know about a breeder but have you looked at any of the free ad sites? Segundamano had a GS in Colima that was 6 months old.
Re: German Shepherd Puppy
January 03, 2017 09:29PM
I've been searching the web (most are available in Mexico City & Guadalajara), contacting animal shelters, contacting veterinarians, etc. I've been seriously looking. One veterinarian told that they are not in favor in Mexico because of their space requirements and higher maintenance costs.

I know that they do well in the tropics, because they were successfully used in the Vietnam war.
Re: German Shepherd Puppy
January 18, 2017 05:14PM
Ran across this on facebook
I assume the breeder is in Guadalajara

Facebook posting
Re: German Shepherd Puppy
January 30, 2017 01:53PM
Thank you. I found a beautiful German Shepherd puppy in Colima. She is eight weeks old now, and has been with me for a week.
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