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Barbeque Parts
January 12, 2010 08:40PM
Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to purchase new barbeque grills for the Sears BBQ that's at the house we're renting. All I can find is new gas BBQS for $800-$1000 US and that's a bit much for 4 month's use! I've been referred by many helpful Mexicans but always end up in a restaurant supply outlet that caters to commercial operations only.
Re: Barbeque Parts
January 13, 2010 06:18AM
There is a Sears store in Colima, and of course Guadalajara.
If you have some months perhaps a little side trip?
Or look on-line as I think they will deliver.

Another option would be to go and see what Home Depot has. Of course BBQs are not in season right now so it could be hard.

Howard Platt, Manzanillo

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Anonymous User
Re: Barbeque Parts
January 20, 2010 03:23PM
You don't have to spend $800 to $1,000 USD for a new gas grill.

Brand new Weber gas grills start at $3,000 pesos (that's about $235 USD).

Check it out at our website at www.BigGasGrills.com. We can ship.
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