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Traffic police

Posted by FICBlack2 
Traffic police
March 10, 2017 10:36AM
How much authority do the traffic police in PV have? I recently went through PV, got pulled over, given two BS traffic offences and had my drivers licence taken. I had to drive to their offices and pay a $365 peso fine before I could get my licence back. I drive a small motor home, I don't speed or drive erratically. Just straight baloney. Any help or advice here? Thank you.
Re: Traffic police
March 18, 2017 02:11PM
You didn't have to pay the fine..if you speak Spanish you could file a complaint against the officers if you think you didn't deserve a ticket.. And demanded your licience back.
If all your paperwork is in order I don't believe they have the right to keep your licience ..
But in the real world that's the price of being in Mexico..
Re: Traffic police
October 22, 2017 10:55AM
I lived in PV more than six years. A 200 peso roadside "tip" would have settled this. When I still had US plates, I was stopped seven times in PV. (I drive like a Mexican, and was doing something illegal each time.) The police were always courteous, and non threatening. In my opinion it's foolish to waste your time taking the ticket. For me, a stop is a twenty minute distraction, and a cost of 200 pesos. They always want more, but I speak Spanish, and the police know that I know the going rate. Comparing this to the time and money that I would waste in the US or Canada (not to mention the fact that it would go on my record), a police stop always reminds me of how free I am here.

I also have heard that they can't take your license, but who knows. The system is what it is.

I should say, that my Mexican friends hate that I pay, but I choose expediency over principal.
Re: Traffic police
February 21, 2020 06:28PM
do what we do, take an id card from your state, looks just like a driver liscene and an extra set of old plates. Surrender the id and the plates that are on your rv and replace them with your old extra set. They only take one plate off your vehicle so you can switch back when you get to the border. Worked for us. Did not even bother with the retrieving the ones they took.
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