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Traffic police

Posted by FICBlack2 
Traffic police
March 10, 2017 10:36AM
How much authority do the traffic police in PV have? I recently went through PV, got pulled over, given two BS traffic offences and had my drivers licence taken. I had to drive to their offices and pay a $365 peso fine before I could get my licence back. I drive a small motor home, I don't speed or drive erratically. Just straight baloney. Any help or advice here? Thank you.
Re: Traffic police
March 18, 2017 02:11PM
You didn't have to pay the fine..if you speak Spanish you could file a complaint against the officers if you think you didn't deserve a ticket.. And demanded your licience back.
If all your paperwork is in order I don't believe they have the right to keep your licience ..
But in the real world that's the price of being in Mexico..
Re: Traffic police
October 22, 2017 10:55AM
I lived in PV more than six years. A 200 peso roadside "tip" would have settled this. When I still had US plates, I was stopped seven times in PV. (I drive like a Mexican, and was doing something illegal each time.) The police were always courteous, and non threatening. In my opinion it's foolish to waste your time taking the ticket. For me, a stop is a twenty minute distraction, and a cost of 200 pesos. They always want more, but I speak Spanish, and the police know that I know the going rate. Comparing this to the time and money that I would waste in the US or Canada (not to mention the fact that it would go on my record), a police stop always reminds me of how free I am here.

I also have heard that they can't take your license, but who knows. The system is what it is.

I should say, that my Mexican friends hate that I pay, but I choose expediency over principal.
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