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Posted by gsc 
December 23, 2009 08:38PM
Just what ID are you expected to carry when you drive in Puerto Vallarta (or Mexico)? I was stopped by a Transito police and his buddy tonight near the Eloisa Hotel on a phony uno y uno intersection charge (there were no other cars in the intersection). I had my BC registration, Mexican import sticker on the windshield, my Mexican insurance copy and my BC driver license. He insisted that I had to have my FMT on my person as well as my passport which were locked up at home in PV. The option was to give him my driver license and pick it up at the police station tomorrow and pay a 500 peso fine there or pay a 500 peso fine to him on the spot. He assured me that I wold get a receipt but when he had the pesos didn't understand English - it was pretty good before that. I believe that I donated 500 pesos to this guys kid's Christmas present but really don't know what I am to carry with me. Can anyone tell me what I am required to carry with me? Do I need originals or will copies suffice? Thanks.
Re: Identification
December 24, 2009 06:49AM
You paid the bribe, which was the object of the exercise. Really does not matter what (or if) you were doing anything wrong. The bribe was MUCH bigger than any fine would have been. Perhaps next time, be polite and ask for the ticket.
Re: Identification
January 19, 2010 01:03PM
Here is the link to where to report any transito's who try to take Mordida (bribes)..............

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