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Car Nationalizing

Posted by sonia 
Car Nationalizing
July 19, 2013 07:15AM
I am currently nationalizing 3 cars from Manzanillo plus others where I live in San Miguel. The first one started June 20, 2013 is back.

1981 to 2007 NAFTA Made Vehicles

UCD is an association of campesinos who combine efforts to improve conditions and advocating for farmers etc, buy seeds, farming, irrigation, home improvements, making less expensive foreign vehicles legal, government liaison / support for their causes, etc. UCD or similar organizations can be found in most states in Mexico. They also have approval to nationalize cars just as they do in several states including Chihuahua and Oaxaca, etc. and now in Guanajuato. UCD is similar to the farmers' cooperatives in Canada.

UCD has been granted government approval to nationalize vehicles in this manner in cooperation with Aduana. A registered broker is the person who submits all documents to Aduana and it is done at Mexicali. You do not have to leave the place where you live and drive tothe border paying tolls, gas, accommodations and the associated stress. Once the documents are returned in approximately a month you can register your vehicle anywhere in Mexico.

Note: This is one of the few and maybe the only remaining virtual nationalizing process. This is not permanent and can end at any time. So far we are hoping it continues to at least November so we can nationalize our 2008 SUV.

The first step is having you send me a scanned copy of your car title. For a trailer I need photos of all 4 sides, photo of serial number, measurements and title, please. In approximately 2 business days you will know the exact cost. The cost will include 100 pesos to ensure your vehicle was not reported stolen in Mexico, Aduana's fee, broker's fee and mine. There will be no surprises. The range is approx 19,000 to 27,000 pesos total for a NAFTA made vehicle. VIN mist start with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 and vehicle from 1981 to 2007. We can also nationalize some trailers, often for less than cars. In November this year, 2008 vehicles can be nationalized.

If the vehicle is in a company name you will have to indicate in writing in whose name you want the pedimento, receipt and title. You will write this on the back of the title with the words: "Cedo los derechos de este vehiculo (your printed and signed name). And then ... ATT:(name of company).

The costs I quote includes all fees for nationalizing. If you are not local I pay the courier fees to return pedimento, factura and title to you. The only additional fees you will have are those you pay to the government for the process / costs for your license plates and local registration.

Once we have the cost you will meet me to take photos of your vehicle and submit the documents (or if you are not local please scan and send me the photos). No long distance driving is required. You save on stress, driving to the border, gasoline, tolls, accommodations, meals, finding a reputable broker, vehicle inspection, numerous forms etc.


We require photos of: side view, driver's door jam which shows VIN etc, and the VIN taken up close usually at bottom of windshield on driver's side (taken from outside car and blocking sun so it shows up clearly). For a trailer, photos as noted to obtain a cost for nationalizing.

I require a copy of:

1. visa or passport
2. title (front and back)
3. utility bill
4. Mexican driver's license front and back (If local I can help you get one in less than 2 hours) This program is virtual and may be the only one of its type. Therefore Aduana is insisting on seeing a scanned copy of a Mexican driver's license. This is not required at the border as your car is physically inspected and the owner is present.

If need be we can make copies locally when we take the photos.

In addition, I require the amounts due. This can be cash or deposited into a bank account if you reside far away and receipts for these will be issued by me or scanned and emailed to you.

In approximately one month your pedimento, factura and title will arrive in SMA. If you live further away I will courier these to you. Note, I will immediately check on line that the pedimento is legal as there is a web site for doing so. If you can not register your vehicle you will get a full refund.

You then are required to obtain plates and register your vehicle. Locally, this is done at Renta in the Plaza Real del Conde or the appropriate place where you live.

For license plates and registration the process in San Miguel is you require original and copies of your visa, factura, pedimento, title and pay 160 pesos. They will give you a permit allowing you to drive while they ensure documents are legal. Within 2 months the process will be completed and you can obtain your plates and "validacion". If you are local I can assist with this process.The cost for plates and local registration is approx 1000 pesos locally but may vary in other states..

In some states such as San Luis Potosi they will issue you registration and plates same day and they will be for 2 years. You just need a CFE bill in anyone's name in SLP.

Note: in the state of Queretaro (and maybe DF, Morelos, Puebla and Hidalgo) they will not allow you to register a 2006 or 2007 car even with a pedimento no matter how you obtained it. I believe this is to protect auto dealers although may contravene NAFTA. Those living in Queretaro would go to neighbouring state or some go a little further to San Luis Potosi. In other states you may want to check at your local Renta (auto registering office) to see if it is a problem. In Guanajuato state this is not an issue.

We can not get back the deposit you paid when you entered Mexico nor remove your car from Aduana's records. Doing so requires a trip to the border. Large deposits started in June 2011. If your car entered on an old passport it is likely your vehicle can not be found in Aduana's records. Cars generally are tied to passports. That is why many were able to obtain a car permit prior to ever entering Mexico.

Sonia Diaz

cell: 044-415-106-1499

Re: Car Nationalizing
July 20, 2013 09:03AM

We received our pedimento today exactly one month after Sonia Diaz working with the efficient people at UCD began our paper work. It is indeed feasible and legal to have your foreign NAFTA car nationalized in San Miguel. For those who do not want to drive to the border you should consider using Sonia and the UCD staff to legalize your automobile.
Bart Mullis
Re: Car Nationalizing
July 20, 2013 05:05PM

There has been lots of back and forth on list about what what one can and can
not do to get a NAFTA vehicle legalized here in Mexico due to a change in
Immigration status.
> I have almost completed the process, all I am missing are the plates and I
have been promised those by the State Government in about a month. These will
NOT be UCD plates but real plates from the State.
> I did not have to go to the border. I contacted Sonia Diaz,
soniangel@132@..., cell phone 415-106-1499 and she made it happen.
> I have the a factua, a pedimento, and various receipts.
> Please do not contact me directly for pricing or process, this is Sonia's
business, but I have successfully accomplished this, again without leaving San
> I have all the papers and was assured by the "DMV" I am completely legal!
> Remember this only works for NAFTA cars so if you love your RAV4, then don't
bother. Sonia may have other options but I can not speak to them, only what I
have experienced, and it works and is painless.
> Herb Wilson
> Thanks
> Herb Wilson
Re: Car Nationalizing
September 02, 2013 04:44PM
you love your RAV4, then don't bother.
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