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New Comala Birding Site

Posted by iamx 
New Comala Birding Site
March 03, 2012 08:51AM
A friend who is a birder and a website designer spent a wonderful month at Hostal Casa Blanca in Comala and created a website on birding in the Comala region. The site has detailed information on half day and longer trips from Comala including La Maria, Nogueras, Volcan de Nieve and many other birding hotspots, and some of the birds you may find there. Included is a photo gallery (more photos being added), and some great shots of the area.
There are still a few things to fix, but check it out at birdingcomala.com and see what you think. There is a place for comments and yours are welcome.
(Posted to Colima/Comala, Barra de Navidad and La Manzanilla sections.)
Re: birding in La Manz
March 10, 2014 09:10AM
I am going to be in La Manz for a week and would like to do some birding there. Anyone know a good place to go birding in La Manz? I'm looking for something other than the water birds. thanks
Re: New Comala Birding Site
March 10, 2014 11:50AM
Nice site and great photos.
Re: birding in La Manz
March 10, 2014 11:58AM
If you're on foot, the best bet is the road that goes past the crocodile sanctuary. I know you've not looking for water birds but there's usually a Boat-billed Heron roosting in the trees over the chain link fence. Go on down the road - it follows the mangroves for a while and comes to more open land. Watch for Citroline Trogon, San Blas Jay, Orange-breasted Bunting, orioles, and Yellow-winged Caciques, among others. For some reason the little cemetery can be good for buntings and finches. I have never followed this road all the way so I don't know if it goes on around the bay to the other little beach settlement.
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