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La Manzanilla Fun Run - Sunday, Feb 17

La Manzanilla Fun Run - Sunday, Feb 17
February 10, 2019 03:24PM
Sign-up for the family fun run/walk and get a fun morning of exercise as you walk or run through the neighborhoods of La Manzanilla, a cool t-shirt, and a chance to win some prizes.

There will be no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes and no categories. Prizes will be based purely on raffle tickets which participants can pick up at the water stations at each kilometer marker.

So, for example, if you go 5km you will pick up 5 tickets, and if you go 2km you will pick up 2 tickets. Every ticket has an equal chance of being drawn but there is incentive to do the full 5km route and increase the chances of winning a prize.
We like that this means that any participant – fast, slow, child or adult – has a chance to win a prize!
This is NOT a race! Participants are welcome to walk or run the goal of the event is to get the community active! In past years we have had over 200 people actively participating and this year we anticipate even more!
Cost is only 35 pesos for kids and $40 pesos for adults.
Register at Activos Gym before Sunday February 17, 2019 or day of event in the jardin.
All proceeds go to the Centro de Activos Gym.

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