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The Crowds in Barra Will Soon be Gone/School Supplies

Posted by JaliscienseFede 
The Crowds in Barra Will Soon be Gone/School Supplies
August 15, 2018 08:20PM
The local schools start back on Monday, and that means that the quiet time in this area is starting again, since most Mexican families won't travel without the kids. For me, traffic and parking are never much of an issue in Barra de Navidad, so it simply means shorter lines at OXXO.

However, to many of the madres solteras here (the most passionate mothers that I know), it's a time of high anxiety -- because of the economic pressure associated with back-to-school supplies. I spent the day in Manzanillo today with my housekeeper and her daughter at Office Depot. Tomorrow I'll wire money to Dominican Republic, Venezuela and to Puerto Vallarta for the same purpose.

I am not trying to present myself as a "holier than thou" type. In fact, it's excruciatingly difficult for a very private man like me to talk about this activity. I know that you all have your charities of choice, and do what you can. I respect that. But this is my passion, so I am simply reminding others that this is a difficult time for some Mexican mothers. If you know a young women like this, and have a spare $25-$30 USD, consider helping.
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