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Tenacatita news

Posted by El Guapo 
Tenacatita news
September 24, 2010 09:20AM
Revoked concession Beach Tenacatita
Huerta informed of the revocation of grant of a federal Beach Tenacatita , which represents a breakthrough for the reopening of the beach.AUTHORITIES FEDERAL OF RETURN TO REAL ESTATE

September 20, 2010

La Huerta, Jalisco (OEM - Informex ) .- The concession for the right of the federal zone that had the company Inmobiliaria Rodenas SA de CV, for the use of the beach at Tenacatita , and was overruled by authority federal , which represents hope for those affected by the eviction of the federal zone, and for all Mexicans , to Tenacatita is again a public beach , said Mayor Carlos Román Ramírez Núñez.

On his return from Mexico City , the Mayor , accompanied by officials municipal , went to the locality of El Rebalsito , to inform residents of the results of his efforts , which he said is an accomplishment achieved " thanks to the support by Mr Abraham Gonzalez and Ramon Guerrero , with whom he was in Mexico City .

showing official documents the revocation , the mayor external from the very beginning has sought to support , within the framework of the law , who directly were affected by the eviction of the beach, which made authorities local police taking advantage of the eviction of the property called " Divisadero , " issue that the other side is vented into the legal authorities .

The Director of the Legal Department , Ivan Enrique Zárate Vázquez , meanwhile said that one of the main reasons why the revocation of the concession is that the estate did not pay taxes , because for 10 years did not pay royalties .

City officials made clear they will not cease to continue to request the opening of the beach Tenacatita , which remains closed, and that is a fact different evict said .

Recall that the Estate Rodenas SA de CV, had since 1992 with a concession over an area of area federal maritime of 266 000 473.23 square meters - granting DZF-846/92- same was issued overlapping on a grant previous - DZF-386/91- issued to the restaurateur José Francisco Montelongo Aguayo.

By obtaining the grant in late 1992, the estate sought to vacate the federal zone on the grounds of eviction on 42 acres of land called " Divisadero , " like in 2000 , attempts had no results because the authorities in the area federal , prevented the evacuation of the beach, which finally got the company on 4 August, the date from which is closed the beach and guarded by state police. (Collaboration : Marco Corral)
Re: Tenacatita news
September 24, 2010 10:42AM
You do realize that this post makes very little sense in English?

This line is the most unintelligible
City officials made clear they will not cease to continue to request the opening of the beach Tenacatita , which remains closed, and that is a fact different evict said .

As near as I can figure from it all is that the beach is still closed to the public...
Re: Tenacatita news
September 24, 2010 11:11AM
It's a Google translation from a Spanish website. Sorry.
Re: Tenacatita news
September 24, 2010 11:49AM
Sense makes to me perfect, although what know I don't.
Re: Tenacatita news
September 24, 2010 01:39PM
I posted this story in the original language some days ago - on the Tenacatita site where it belongs.
I do not understand why Tenacatita news is posted under Melaque/Barra.

Howard Platt, Manzanillo
Re: Tenacatita news
September 24, 2010 02:59PM
There was a post on the la manzanilla board that speculated that the reason that the Concession was revoked was to prevent the claimant from having to make 10 years of back payments -- that now all he has to do is pay for this year... We'll see....
Re: Tenacatita news
September 24, 2010 07:29PM
"Throw me down the stairs, my shoes"

Taco Man
Re: Tenacatita news
October 16, 2010 02:14PM
New user at this so hope everything works. I have been to the area many times and hope the situation is resolved soon and maybe back to the way it was. I was wondering if anyone has updated pictures of the beach area and the restaurants?
Re: Tenacatita news
October 17, 2010 07:56AM
Last fotos I saw ... there were no restaurants and the police are refusing to leave

Sparks Blog - Melaque Blog - Costalegre
Re: Tenacatita news
October 25, 2010 02:20PM
Have been to the beach many times and really enjoy it. Does anyone have pictures of the restaurants and maybe a view from the ocean. Going down in November again and hope something has been resolved so we can at least use the beach.
Re: Tenacatita news
October 25, 2010 02:22PM
Hey Sparks do you have the pictures you are talking about? Could you post them? Thanks,
Re: Tenacatita news
October 25, 2010 02:36PM
Unfortunately I can't see there being a quick resolution to this. If the police are gasing diputados then they aren't going to be easily shifted.


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Re: Tenacatita news
October 25, 2010 02:59PM
Intella770 you might want to check out this info on the la manzanilla message board and scroll down to the Oct. 24-25 news

La Manzanilla message board info
Re: Tenacatita news
October 25, 2010 03:13PM
An approximate translation from the Correo de Manzanillo, October 25, 2010..

At least 25 people, mostly women but including some reporters and a cameraman, were injured in a confrontation at the gate which was blocking access to the Tenacatita. The gate was pulled down and about 20 people were allowed access to the beach.

Federal deputies David Hernandez and Salvador Pérez Caro Cabrera, of the special committee that the House of Representatives established to investigate the Tenacatita affair were at El Rebalsito to report the progress of that committee. Attendees at the meeting felt that not enough was being done, and asked the deputies to open the beach.

A contingent of about 300 led by the Federal Deputies marched to the gate across the highway, where they asked politely to be allowed to go on the beach, a federal zone. They were stopped and told "It's a private property," by the police patrols.

Rep. David Hernandez Perez put a chain on the gate and pulled it down with his truck. The police responded with tear gas, hitting the marchers (mainly women) with their truncheons.

At a few minutes to 2 pm the police allowed access to 20 of the people, but pointing out they were armed with orders to shoot if necessary. It was difficult to keep tempers down, many of those affected wanted to destroy a wooden hut that was built on the road ... everyone wanted to go to the beach, where, those who could enter saw only palm trees where their buildings used to be.

The 25 injured were attended by personnel from the rescue squad in La Huerta, the most serious had a head injury requiring stitches. The demonstrators returned to the site of the meeting and there were demonstrations in support of landholders of the region, to allow entry to the beach and keep it open permanently
Members David Hernandez and Salvador Caro said he would seek the impeachment of governor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez, for the violence and everything that happened in the "Tenacatita affair," such as was seen today when they were attacked because they requested access to the beach that ought to be public. " He said they will give the the Governor 24-hours to restore access to the beach and the rule of law, as otherwise they will open the beach as requested by the evicted residents of the region and the entity.

In regard to the broken gate, the marchers said they only did "what the government has not wanted to do, which is to remove the obstacles that private individuals put on a state highway, which was an attack on routes of communication."

Howard Platt, Manzanillo
Re: Tenacatita news
October 26, 2010 04:03PM
wow!!! totally disgusting behavior by the police... what the heck is going on there!

so sad... spent a lot of time on that beach with my kids in the 80's....
Re: Tenacatita news
October 29, 2010 04:14PM
I fear that the confrontations are leading to tragedy. What a freaking shame.
Re: Tenacatita news
December 09, 2010 03:59PM
Well, we went to Tennacatita 2 days ago by van and wanted a closer look. About 2 km from beach security is set up with a fence, gate and then a fence. We were greated by 12 police??? and wanted to know what we wanted to do. I asked to go in swimming for a few hours. We had to give them our driver's license, and leave the beer behind (no alcohol). Grocery store across road from restaurants is still there but scaled back to about 1/50th of what it was before. Bathrooms beside grocery store is gone. The base of 5 restaurants and the Palapas are still there but the grass overhang and everything else is gone. We started to walk towards the snorkel ling area and the guards high above the area waved and signaled to get back to the middle of the beach. There were 4 police sitting at grocery store and when I asked if we could walk down the beach the other way we were told no and to stay in the front of the grocery store area only. There are no restrooms, very little food (chips, etc). We had a swim, a good cigar,and lots of memories. After an hour or so we left and at the check in area the beer was returned and they seemed friendlier on our way out. Asked if we could use the beach for the day next time, we were told yes but to remember no restrooms and no groceries available. Still one of the nicest beaches in the area and we will go back. If everyone could get this sorted out and the restaurants could return I think in less than a couple of weeks it could be almost back to where it was....wish full thinking.
Re: Tenacatita news
December 09, 2010 04:36PM
With all the violence and crime going on I hope it is not public money funding these policemen.

Howard Platt, Manzanillo
Re: Tenacatita news
December 10, 2010 04:12PM
What about your drivers licenses? What happened upon your departure?

What do you think would happen if one were not prepared to surrender a drivers license, for whatever reason? Would such a person, a non-driver perhaps, be denied access?
Re: Tenacatita news
December 13, 2010 06:20AM
Posted by D on December 12, 2010, 2:05 pm, in reply to "To Add Tenacatita link - November"

Some residents of La Manzanilla just came into my office and told me the following story.

They went to Tenacatita today, got through the gate by giving the guard their ID, really easy.

On the way out of town they stopped at a restaurant. The man there told them
that Villalobos had to be out of Tenacatita in 3 day's. That he was going to be ordered
to pay restitution for the damage he caused but that he would probably claim bankruptcy.

They said that the Feds? had deemed his deed to the property to be invalid.

Seems the people are ecstatic about the news.

Can anyone verify any of this?

Sparks Blog - Melaque Blog - Costalegre
Re: Tenacatita news
December 13, 2010 07:45AM
Hey Mike we had no problem getting our I.D. back upon leaving. If not Drivers Licenses I believe you would need some kind of picture I.D. or you would not be allowed access through this gate.

Sparks I hope the news you found out is true!!!!

Keep us posted, coming back in January and would enjoy it back to normal.
Re: Tenacatita news
December 13, 2010 09:37AM
We hope to check out tenacatita when we get to Melaque sooooooooooon. A question: I've been reading of NOB, gringos, etc. getting beach access. How about Mexican turistas coming from Guadalajara or that live around Melaque, do they also get access?

Maybe it'll be open to all by the time we get there! HOPE HOPE HOPE
Re: Tenacatita news
December 13, 2010 07:44PM
Presumen en San Lázaro posible liberación de Tenacatita en menos de 10 días


Sparks Blog - Melaque Blog - Costalegre
Re: Tenacatita news
December 13, 2010 07:50PM
I suppose we are going to find out who rules the place - the feds or the state.
I would not give up on the state so quickly.

Howard Platt, Manzanillo
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