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Tenacatita visit Sunday
December 07, 2015 10:25AM
Spent Sunday Dec 6/15 morning and afternoon at Tenacatita. Snorkeled the reef from Playa La Mora and from the beach. Lots of swimmers and sun seekers while I was there.

A State Police truck was parked along the road before the beach entrance and 2 Officers sat at a plastic table under cover just to the right on the beach road.

One other chap in a green uniform carrying what appeared to me a pump action shotgun, loafed along the beach. He made me nervous.

Lots of rubble on the beach and some in the water (tiles, construction materials, a large metal door on the bottom just off shore).

Some garbage on Playa La Mora. 3 young couples were the only campers.

Picked up a few glass bottles and plastic trash, need to take some large garbage bags next visit.

I cannot imagine that anyone - private or government, is going to remove the bulldozed buildings, abandoned swimming pool, and other concrete structures for this winters' visitors.

I would like to see washrooms, running water (a shower such as many restaurants used to provide along the beach) and garbage containers.

Nice to have the area open again, nicer to have the millionaire that lost his dream, clean up the beaches and water.

Re: Tenacatita visit Sunday
December 15, 2015 09:02AM
Tnx for the update on Tenacatita and the excellent photos,
Will bring garbage bags on our trip out.
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