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Posted by manzanillo2011 
November 21, 2015 11:51AM
A few days ago I received this email message from the Tenacatita Fund. This is great news:

Hola Amigos de Tenacatita,
With a campaign promise the governor of Jalisco sent in his troops today to liberate Tenacatita beaches and provide free access and open camping. The state police remain to ensure the safety of citizens and tourists. The last three years have provided proof of allegations against Rodenas Corporation and hired security. Controlling public use by intimidation with guns and riot dogs including the blatant attempts of restricting beach access, limitations of camping and road closures were all cited.
The liberation breathes an air of hope for the recently ravaged community from hurricane Patricia. Slowly aid helps to rebuild. But it is a process of wait and see.
Tenacatita has always provided the life blood to this community with tourism and the employment for many . As with this struggle, the road back is a slow uphill climb.

Those of you that have recently contributed will help to rebuild for many hardest hit. We are helping schools where needed and in lost supplies. Donations have come in for helping the children and mothers. We plan on a Christmas celebration where every child will receive a gift bag from Santa.

If you would like to donate to restructuring Tenacatita and or El Rebalsito or would like to designate to a specific cause; paypal= tenafund@gmail.com
checks mailed to
Tenacatita Fund
308 Alpert Ave.
Fort Collins,Co. 80525
Mary Ann and Chile
November 23, 2015 11:51AM
Would you please explain why you think that this is the end of the battle.
Do you really think that there can be no more appeals? Rodenas Corp. has lots of money to continue, I'm sure
Land cases have taken generations to settle in the past.
November 23, 2015 05:35PM
Unless the real police stay there ..... the rent-a-cops could move back in like last time. Still don't know if the rent-a-cops were kicked out or just disarmed

That program “Vamos Juntos” does look like an effort to bring life back to the badly damaged southern coast of Jalisco


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