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Banda Ancha / Well I Just Did A "Duh Stupid! Are We Slow?"

Posted by WANDERER 
Banda Ancha / Well I Just Did A "Duh Stupid! Are We Slow?"
June 28, 2010 12:01PM
Since January I have been suffering with slow or no connect Banda Ancha Service even though a rural service tower is 5 km away. I cn see the lights at night. Personnel in TelCel warned me "Service is going to be slow or non-existant".

They were right. I connected the USB to the port on my computer and connection speed was glacial with many "cannot connects" and cannot connect to server. Freeze-ups, the only thing that kept me going was a sixty-mile round trip alternative for decent service.

"You CAN NOT connect a USB extension to your computer and relocate the cartridge the techs at the local TelCel service center warned. Multiple techs told me this, black and pinche blanco. "A USB extension will not work" cried Eduardo, my computer guru and satellite internet repair tech. You need a amplifier. Snipe hunt time, frustration and resignation for the last three months.

Finally last night. I had had it. Almost no service for 8 days and my bill for 453 pesos is coming due. "Screw this" I cried, where's my godammned USB extension cables...

I ran the extensions (2) over to a window on my door that could see the lights on the Chucutitan tower at night.

Turned on the computer.


230kbs download and 460kbs upload speed.

When one mixes glad with an equal portion of stupid what does one end up with?
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