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Forum for Puerto Vallarta, including Yelapa 
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House sitters offered Attachments

by Evangrek
1,504105/23/2014 06:27PM
Last Post by Evangrek

House Sitter Available

by katsvox
1,459103/28/2014 08:03PM
Last Post by katsvox

Viva Natura animal guide now available in MexECO Tour's Bucerias office

by danpatman
1,451103/24/2014 01:06PM
Last Post by danpatman


by ProAnimalMelaque
1,305203/24/2014 11:03AM
Last Post by Ruth


by PrimaVera
1,317103/23/2014 12:26PM
Last Post by PrimaVera

Dental bridge

by doodah
1,366103/14/2014 05:40PM
Last Post by doodah

Free Grid Connected Solar Electric Home Tour + Fiesta!! Attachments

by SolarOne
1,322103/13/2014 09:40AM
Last Post by SolarOne

El Tuito to Yelapa, Chimo, Mayto roads

by Quantumeyes
1,366103/05/2014 01:17PM
Last Post by Quantumeyes

PV Trip Report

by Frank in Texas
2,465303/01/2014 07:18PM
Last Post by Dogbreath

SOLD Weber Q-120 & Weber Performer SOLD

by 2 centavos
1,344102/22/2014 12:50PM
Last Post by 2 centavos


by missy
1,371301/26/2014 07:34AM
Last Post by missy

looking for a used car

by missy
1,387101/25/2014 09:54AM
Last Post by missy

motor vehicle registration in PV

by livingthelife
1,276201/20/2014 06:34AM
Last Post by kliff

Secure Parking at Boca de Tomatlan?

by Kip Wylie
1,817301/07/2014 10:30AM
Last Post by Panchito

Caregiver needed for a couple months for an accident victim

by reel1in
1,262201/07/2014 09:56AM
Last Post by Panchito

Volcano tours by plane

by Comala Host
1,252101/05/2014 01:40PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Bank of America Petition

by Farkem
1,296412/05/2013 10:31AM
Last Post by driftplastic


by Sunrise Sunset
1,216212/05/2013 06:21AM
Last Post by Sunrise Sunset

appliance repair

by timoteo
1,116112/02/2013 07:06AM
Last Post by timoteo

Nuevo Vallarta Yoga - Vikara Wellness

by Jallshouse
1,475111/05/2013 07:05PM
Last Post by Jallshouse

Solar Electric Systems (no batteries) - Reduce or Eliminate Your CFE Bill

by SolarOne
1,297110/24/2013 03:43PM
Last Post by SolarOne

What to do in the area?

by Comala Host
1,339109/22/2013 01:17PM
Last Post by Comala Host


by Sunrise Sunset
1,407109/15/2013 07:04AM
Last Post by Sunrise Sunset

dawn sky over the bay Attachments

by 2 centavos
1,326209/12/2013 10:10PM
Last Post by ioso

Secure Parking 1 month PV..

by Mona Lott
1,330609/07/2013 06:30PM
Last Post by Mona Lott

Car Nationalizing

by sonia
1,803409/02/2013 04:44PM
Last Post by Buzzards Glory Barra

hotel and bus

by lfrainbow
2,393707/19/2013 07:14PM
Last Post by driftplastic


by canuck senorita
1,320106/26/2013 09:02AM
Last Post by canuck senorita

catholic mass

by timoteo
1,442306/25/2013 09:55AM
Last Post by timoteo


1,459106/11/2013 06:34PM
Last Post by BENY

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