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Tomzap Party 2010

Melaque, Jalisco - Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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photos from Tom Penick

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The 9th annual Tomzap Party Tomzap Party was held at Bigote's Restaurant and Bar in Melaque on Wednesday, February 11th, 2010, beginning 2:00 pm. Music, drink, sand, sun, T-shirts, and lots of 'zappers.

Marta, sporting a Tomzap T-shirt with crew

Marta with Bigotes #2 and crew

Expand your wardrobe while you dine at Bigotes

The party stretches out onto the beach

Marta with her dad at left

Marta with ...

This is the tequila Marta was delivering by shot and by squirt gun

Andy gets a "shot" of tequila

Another costume change


Waiter, "Chuy"

A discrete costume change with Tito looking on



Accessorize your tomzap T-shirt

Dancing with Bigotes

Tomzap Party flyers were posted around town like this one at Hawaii grocery

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