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Tomzap Party 2007

Melaque, Jalisco - Feb 15th, 2007

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photos from Jerry McKenna

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The 6th annual Tomzap Party was held at Bigote's Restaurant and Bar in Melaque on Thursday, February 15, 2007 beginning at 2:00 pm (Happy Hour). Around 80 people attended.

This year, Irv and Shirley Hoffman organized a Ladder Golf (AKA Horse Balls or String Toss) Tournament. There were about 12 (2-person) teams that entered the tournament. Jim & Vanessa Hawkins of Gibsons B.C. won the championship and the prize! Unfortunately, Marta's Tequils Gun would not work, so she had to go around and provide Tequila shooters and shake everybody's head. It was all in good fun and enjoyed by all.

Some tequila fun

Phat Biker left, Andy at right

Irv and Shirley

Horseballs signup

Jim and Lorraine

Jim, Marg, Dee, and Phat


More stirring the tequila

A Bigote's/tomzap T-shirt

More party

More party

More party

Tournament in progress

Tournament winners

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