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Tomzap Party 2004

Melaque, Jalisco - Feb 13th, 2004

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photos from Jerry McKenna

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The 2004 Tomzap Party was held at Bigotes Restaurant and Video Bar in Melaque, Jalisco, on February 13th at 2:00 pm. It was an overwhelming success with over 60 in attendance. Furthermore, the management and staff of Bigotes made it happen! They arranged with SOL (Cerveza, Co.) to erect 3 large tents on the beach, and supplied tables and chairs for the party as you will see in the photos. Feel free to provide info for the photo captions tom@tomzap.com

Drew & Andy Jaeger (without Connie)

Under the big top at Bigotes.

Andy Jaeger and Pattie Connole

Caption 3

Marta, (owner) Fernando's wife. Boy she can get a party started!

Caption 5

Caption 6

Dee and Jerry McKenna (This year's party organizer)

Caption 8

Caption 9

Caption 10

Drew and Rudy (Mr. RGM)

Jim Sweeney

Caption 13

Caption 14

Andy under the sombrero

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