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Hotel Manta Raya

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Hotel Manta Raya
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MANTARAYAbath1 (69K)

MANTARAYAdining1 (169K)

MANTARAYApoolbeds (156K)

MANTARAYAroom10 (95K)

MANTARAYAroom11 (110K)

MANTARAYAshower (62K)

MANTARAYApool2 (58K)

MANTARAYArest1 (54K)

MANTARAYAroom1 (25K)

MANTARAYAroom2 (103K)

MANTARAYAroom3 (64K)


MANTARAYAviewl1 (43K)

MANTARAYApoolside (250K)

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