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The Encounter for the Quality of Coffee

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The Encounter for the Quality of Coffee was organized by the Mexican Confederation of Coffee Growers, which is formed by all the local Coffee Growing Associations. It was the Huatulco Coffee Growers Association who hosted the event, which took place at the Café Huatulco Kiosk, at the Santa Cruz park. The conferences were held at the Castillo Hotel. The Mexican Coffee Council, which is a government institution, supported the event.

It began last Monday, March 10 and was closed by the governor of Oaxaca on Saturday March 15. The quality of Mexican Coffee, the methods to improve it and the way to enter the gourmet market were the main subjects of the conferences. The cupping contest was another important event. Many cuppers from all over Mexico judged over 300 coffee samples from many Mexican States, although Oaxaca Coffee represented over 75 % of the contestants.

There were parallel activities, such as a boat tour, Oaxaca Cuisine show, Coffee Cuisine show, Istmo Cuisine show, and many local and national singers and musicians. Attendants from all over Mexico enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Huatulco.

Mario R. Fernandez-Alduenda

March 1997

see also Ecotourism and coffee in the shade, an article by James Kitts.

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