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Catedral of Oaxaca

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Catedral de Oaxaca rooftop, 2002 renovation
  The building was undergoing extensive renovation at the time of my visit in October 2002. This photo is taken from the rooftop of the hotel Hostal de la Noria and is a rear view of the rooftop of the Catedral. Notice the extensive scaffolding complete with stairway to one of the steeples. The tarps are covering a central dome. The entire façade of the building is also covered in scaffolding so I didn't take a photo. If you have a photo of the renovated Catedral, please send it to me tom@tomzap.com.

Catedral at night. The massive structure is built to survive earthquakes and it has seen many. Photo taken after renovation, October 2005.

Detail of carvings on the
front facade of the building.

Stained glass window on the left side of the altar.
Stained glass window on the right side of the altar.

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