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Leon - Guanajuato (BJX) to Manzanillo (ZLO)

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Leon - Guanajuato Airport

Cruising at 12,500' near sunset with a lot of moisture in the air, it was difficult to get many good photos.

Agricultural land east of Laguna de Chapala

Looking into the sunset at Laguna de Chapala

East of Laguna Chapala

Río Lerma, which flows into Laguna de Chapala

Laguna de Chapala after heavy rains

Nevado de Colima in the distance seen from over Laguna de Chapala

Flooding near Laguna de Chapala

I'll figure out where this is later... Mazamitla, I think 23:56Z

A wider view

Approaching Nevado de Colima (snow) and Volcán de Colima (far left)

Nevado de Colima

Nevado de Colima, northwestern slope up close

Antenna towers on western flank of Nevado de Colima

Volcán de Colima, northwestern slope

Another view of the northwestern slope

Looking back at Nevado de Colima from the west

Volcán de Colima, from the west

A closer look at the crater

Coming around on the western side. Note lava flow at left.

Volcán de Colima crater, western side

Volcán de Colima, western side

Hazy over the coastal region

More haze

Sunset over Santiago Peninsula

Port of Manzanillo


Santiago Peninsula

Looking back toward Manzanillo in the background

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