This website features information on the Pacific Coasts of Oaxaca, Jalisco, and Colima Mexico, including the towns of Huatulco, Puerto Angel, Zipolite, Puerto Escondido, Barra de Navidad, Melaque, and Manzanillo. There is information about hotels, travel, food, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fish, turtles, history, native dances, and the Spanish language. There are maps and aerial photos. Travelers and residents share their knowledge and experiences in the Visitors' Comments sections. There you will find advice from many sources on what to enjoy and what to avoid.

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The Oaxacan Coast is a region of rugged, tropical beauty set against a background of mountainous jungle. For the traveler, it offers a variety of settings from the plush resorts of Huatulco to remote, low-key beachfront hideways. An inland excursion can take you to a coffee plantation or to Oaxaca's capital, a unique cultural center surrounded by craft villages and archaeological sites.
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Jalisco has a lengthy coastline known as Costalegre that stretches from Puerto Vallarta at the northwest end to Barra de Navidad to the southeast. It's many resorts and villages offer a variety of settings for the visitor.
The tiny state of Colima is where you find the city of Manzanillo, an important seaport and resort area. Manzanillo is known as the Sailfish Capital of the World. Inland cities offer volcano tours and feature botaneros, a type of bar/restaurant offering a stream of appetizers with your drinks.

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A gravesite decorated for the Day Of the Dead in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

New Book Review: Mezcalaria, the Cult of Mezcal by Alvin Starkman.

The Puerto Escondido walking tour will continue (city tour gastronomic) 2 hours eating and visiting homes and local tortilla factory, areas of Puerto you never see if you don't walk with Gina $$ Vegetarians welcome or Gluten free people.

The Puerto Escondido Market tour having a local Oaxacan breakfast with history ( chocolate and great coffee )vegetarians welcome or gluten free ,no walking we share 2 hours $$$. Mornings.

The Puerto Escondido agricultural tour weekends. This adventure includes a snack we visit a cooperative of local people (organic farm.) a walk $$$ 3 hours.

Archeological walk is only in the weekends morning special history from the Mixtecos artifacts. $$$ includes drink and food.

Sea Turtle Tour near Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. There is one tour per month from September to March when the Sea Turtles are laying eggs. Check with Gina for the status of this spectacular event. My experience since 1983 camp of sea Turtles in Mexico helping the nature and the community a cooperative. $$$$. 3 hours of driving, 45 minutes away. Safe and with private transportation.

New Mezcal sampling near Puerto Escondido. More than 10 Mezcales home made a Family factory 5 generation experts. Includes Transportation and unique local breakfast and the best information. Only Sundays at 8:00 a.m maximo group 3 people, cost by person $$$$

Art on street in Puerto Escondido. Come walk with Gina and see our town with artistic eye. Drink included. $$$$ Afternoon any day 2 hours walking down the hill.

Chocolate Tour   Crazy about Chocolate? We visit a country orchard family home and the must traditional kitchen. Includes Transportation and the experience of tasting the best cacao with history in the region. Organic and healthy Oaxacan foods. $$$$ Saturdays or Sundays.

Sea Turtle release with meaning helping a community and cooperative to safe and educate, protect the life of Sea turtles in Mexico and Oaxaca. $$$ Small group or families, Children welcome. Always check with Gina the best hour and location. Close to Puerto Escondido.

Historical Buildings Tour a short and fun secret keys doors that show the secrets of haw Puertos people is been transforming to today includes a Drink at the end. Afternoon, 2 hours short walk any day. Kids welcome (special visit to The Light house) $$$$

Gina Machorro is at The tourist booth In The Adoquin in front Hotel Rocamar from Monday to Saturdays check with her also maps and things to do in Puerto and La Costa de Oaxaca Textiles , Bird watching , Carnavales sports Paddling board surf and Boogie board, Pin pong tables, and Markets SHOPPING best souvenir in Town. All About Travel. 954-559-5518 whats app.

Oaxaca Covid Update. Oaxaca will move to the Orange category from Red on Monday, July 6. Restrictions include not having groups or big families in the same area.

Beaches will be open: Be alert in Zicatela which is the most important beach for skillful surfers. It's the best time of the year for the big pipeline with huge waves. Just today (Saturday) a surfer nearly drowned. The schedule for surfing at Zicatela will continue to be from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.

There will be some boat tours in Manialtepec and Chacahua, but only for half the boats' capacity. You'll be welcome to almost every restaurant and store. Please wear your face mask. Be prepared to wash your hands. The majority of stores, large and small, are open now.

The travel agencies and public transportation drivers must use face masks and riders will be required to wear face masks, too. Be sure not to make big groups.

Huatulco is open.

Mazunte: Museo de La Tortuga. The Sea Turtle Museum will probably not be open until August.

Puerto Escondido Hotels and Restaurants will follow the protocol of hygiene and will be checked by the municipalities' inspectors. Reservations are available in almost all hotels and restaurants.

There is some tourism, but not much, so many people have lost their jobs. It's hard for workers to buy food and pay the light bill. Be generous. I know some people are paying light bills for people they know are struggling. When Juquila opens to the public (perhaps until September), tourism will increase in Puerto Escondido, but we don't know for sure when that might be.

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