Devil Dog Squadron Party 2/18/2017

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  • Saturday, February 18, 2017 7:00-10:00 pm. Party at Pilot's Choice Aviation at the Georgetown Municipal Airport to thank the Devil Dog Squadron for their contributions to the restoration of the PBJ-1J WWII bomber. Georgetown, TX.

    We had friends Ron and Martha, and Mike and Linda attend and they brought Bill and his wife. We played two new songs, Don't Forget About Me and Where the Streets Have No Name. Tom used the Fender Stratocaster on several songs for the first time. We played the following songs;

      Set 1

      Come and See the Show - Penick 6:25
      Start Again - Penick 3:55
      Take on Me - A-ha 4:00
      Never Say Goodbye - Penick 3:10
      De Música Ligera - Soda Stereo 3:20
      Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen 3:00
      Innerphase - Penick 3:15
      On My Island - Penick 4:50
      Don't Forget About Me - Simple Minds 5:06
      Science Fiction Double Feature - Rocky Horror 4:15
      Itís Beyond Me - Penick 3:00
      Talk - Coldplay 4:45
      What's In A Name - Penick 5:30
      Starlight - Muse 4:04
      Thatís What She Said - Penick 3:10
      Sueles Dejarme Solo - Soda Stereo 3:30
      Itís Alright Itís Okay - the Hawks 5:05

      Set 2

      Radar Love - Golden Earring 7:05
      Rebel Yell - Idol/Stevens 4:50
      Where the Streets Have No Name - U2 4:46
      Get Together - Penick 4:45
      Traveler - Penick 2:40
      On and On - Penick 3:35
      Everlong - Foo Fighters 4:05
      Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Donovan 3:20
      Got to Have a Habit - Penick 3:15
      Highway Song - Penick 3:00
      Shape of Things to Come - Mann/Weil 3:10
      I Canít Get Over Loving You - Penick 3:45

Restored PBJ-1J Bomber (B-25) at Pilot's Choice Aviation

I Can't Get Over Loving You.   Last song of the evening. They were moving the planes back into the hanger at the end of the party.

De Música Ligera.   With 3-part harmony for the first time.

Don't You Forget About Me performed for the first time.


Where the Streets Have No Name.

Take On Me

It's Alright It's Okay

Shape of Things to Come from the movie Wild In the Streets