Leander Beer Market 12-4-2015

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  • Friday, December 4   Leander Beer Market. Tomzap played from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at 106 W. Willis in downtown Leander. We had some friends join us--Mike and Linda, another Mike and Linda, Tim and Kathleen, Jennefer, Mark, Scott, and Jeff. It was a little too cold to play outside so we played inside.

    We played all of our songs except for Everlong and even took a stab at Tell It To My Heart. We played the following songs:

      Take on Me - a-ha 4:00
      Never Say Goodbye - Penick 3:10
      Radar Love - Golden Earring 7:05
      Innerphase - Penick 3:15
      On My Island - Penick 4:50
      Come and See the Show - Penick 6:25
      Start Again - Penick 3:55
      De Música Ligera - Soda Stereo 3:20
      Talk - Coldplay 4:45
      Itís Alright Itís Okay - the Hawks 5:05
      Somebody Loves You - Penick 3:15
      On and On - Penick 3:35
      Lords of Light - Hutchins 5:10
      Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen 3:00
      Whatís In a Name - Penick 5:30
      Disco Eterno - Soda Stereo 6:15
      Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Donovan 3:20
      Itís Beyond Me - Penick 3:00
      Got to Have a Habit - Penick 3:15
      Highway Song - Penick 3:00
      One Day At A Time - Penick 2:50
      Vortex - Hutchins 1:35
      Get Together - Penick 4:45
      Traveler - Penick 2:40
      Sueles Dejarme Solo - Soda Stereo 3:30
      Rebel Yell - Idol/Stevens 4:50
      Thatís What She Said - Penick 3:10
      Shape of Things to Come - Mann/Weil 3:10
      Audience of One Rise Against 3:55
      Killer Foam - Hutchins 3:20
      Go Go Power Rangers - Mighty RAW 3:55
      I Canít Get Over Loving You - Penick 3:45
      King of the Surf Guitar Dick Dale 2:209
      We repeated this song for Jennefer:
      Take on Me - a-ha 4:00

Wear Your Love Like Heaven

Shape Of Things To Come

I Can't Get Over Loving You


Rebel Yell

That's What She Said

Sueles Dejarme Solo

Audience of One

It's Beyond Me

Got To Have A Habit and Highway Song

One Day At A Time and Vortex

Get Together

Disco Eterno

It's Alright It's Okay

Tomzap playing at the Leander Beer Market

Playing the song "Innerphase"