San Gabriel Park 4-28-2013

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  • Sunday, April 28, 2013   1:00 pm at the Gazebo in the San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, TX

    This was our eighth time to play in public. The weather was sunny and pleasant, somewhat windy. We played all of our songlist. We also had guest musicians Randy Staudt and Whit Pennock, who played 4 songs with Tom: Venus, Heatwave, Disco Eterno, and Brandy. We had a pot luck lunch as well.

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark29gettingready (188K)
    Getting set up.

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark23Tomzap (128K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark22Tomzap (180K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark21Tomzap (159K)
    The mic stand used as a slide during Killer Foam

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark20Tomzap (149K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark28Jerry (198K)
    Jerry and John

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark27ChadGabriel (248K)
    Chad and Gabriel

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark26ChadGabriel (227K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark25Dan (160K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark24Jimmy (130K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark18Jimmy (249K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark19Debbie (181K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark08Tomzap (180K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark07RandyWhitTomt (187K)
    Tom Penick, Whit Pennock, and Randy Staudt

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark06whit (136K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark17Jeff (213K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark16John (215K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark15Chad (165K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark14Steve (197K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark13Lynda (206K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark12Staudts (202K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark11people (171K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark10Robert (183K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark09Harlow (237K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark05 (254K)
    Tom taking a walk during the guitar solos for Innerphase and On My Island

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark04 (250K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark03 (218K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark02 (186K)

    2013-04-28_SanGabrielPark01 (192K)

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