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Hubert Lichter

Posted by willbrecheen 
Hubert Lichter
September 30, 2011 10:13AM
Just had a call from Lalo in Puerto Angel about Hubert Lichter. For those of you who do not know him, Hubert has lived in the Mazunte/Puerto Angel area for well over 25 years after his retirement from the advertising business in Southern California.
Lalo told me that Hubert has had some serious health problems and has been hospitalized a couple of times recently.
He is at home now with his good friend Lupita and his adopted daughter Marlene taking good care of him.
Hubert is in his 80's and is almost totally blind. His vision and hearing are deteriorating. He has told Lalo and other friends that he's "ready to go" and is comfortable with his condition and situation.
I'm working on a banking problem with Lalo. Hubert's ATM card has been lost and the bank in Pochutla is of very little help in getting a replacement. (We went through this several years ago and it was a nightmare!) Seems they can't - or won't - send a replacement card to his post office box in Puerto Angel. I have a street address for him now and will try to have a card sent via DHL or other service.
Anyhow, just wanted to let those of you who know Hubert or have run across him in the past of his condition. I know he'll appreciate your well wishes.
Bill Brecheen
302 Burning Tree Dr
San Jose, CA 95119 (408) 227-3527 willbrecheen@yahoo.com
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