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It's a boy, It's a girl, IT'S TWINS!!! WITH PHOTOS

Posted by • Enviado por BikeBaron 
It's a boy, It's a girl, IT'S TWINS!!! WITH PHOTOS
November 22, 2010 10:50AM
Hello Friends of the Bike Baron Family:

It is official and I wanted all of you to share in the good news. We recently welcomed the delivery of beautiful twins to our family!!! The wonderful thing is that they are identical twins! Even more miraculous was the arrival of the bicycle stork with not one but 2 sets of identical twins - now that should qualify for Guinness World Record consideration! Well maybe not but we are all so proud of the new ones, they are such perfect additions to our growing family of 11 so now we are 15 bikes available to help you enjoy your visits to Melaque.

All the particular statistics usual with new arrivals are now on our website and gallery photos are available but I wanted you to see the pictures of the newborns right away so have added them to this post. If you are planning to join us in Melaque this year between November 1 2010 and April 15, 2011, you can reserve dates on the website to spend time with either of the Bobsy or Betsy twins or any other of the family you met in previous years!

As proud as I am, there will be no cigars handed out but I will continue to offer free phone service to Canada and the USA to any of you that stop by to see us when you are next in the Melaque/Barra area.

Hoping to hear or see you soon in our little corner of paradise,

WEBSITE: [www.bikebaron.ca] EMAIL: bikebaron@ymail.com
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