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Questionable Publications in our North America

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Questionable Publications in our North America
March 25, 2012 11:18AM
According to Canadas Sun Media reporter Terry Davidson Radical Islam isnt on the way to Canada its already there. In the form of a book called A Gift for the Muslim Couple. Within this little work of muslim art they call a book it advises the husband to scold his wife, beat her by hand or stick, withhold money from her and pull her by the ears. Thats right. In English and on sale in Toronto Canada and other great North American Cities!
Its absolutely amazing how North America can tolerate such a blatant display of barbarism within our own shores while the infiltration of the "peaceful religion" continues to demonstrate undesirable traits and such distateful customs all the while insisting we as a christian majority tolerate the outrageous atrocities committed upon women. With so many available politicians all looking to make a name for themselves introducing laws and regulations. Why doesnt someone take the iniciative and cast this type of publications along with their authors and followers into the abyss where they belong? A policy of take no action will be the downfall of North America! LOL!

We do thank Mr Davidson for bringing us this information.
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