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The laws in some neighbour countries

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The laws in some neighbour countries
October 22, 2011 08:18AM
This could be off topic and could be on topic since the misunderstanding of the Muslim faith has changed our world since 911 and affected our travel around North America and the world. It also surprised me what I learned about some countries near here where some of us venture from time to time.

I am following a trial of alleged and so-called 'honor killings' of some Muslim teen aged girls and their aunts in Kingston Ontario. The trial is young and has only heard from 2 prosecution witnesses who are policeman.

However, An Oman in Kingston told his worshippers yesterday that 'honor-killings' are definitely not a part of the Muslim faith. Muslim faithful believe in justice. Imam Sikanet Hasami said in his Friday sermon that although Allah does not condone this practice in the (Muslim bible), "for example Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador allow for partial or complete defence of honor (in their penal codes), and this is according to a report by the United Nations in 2002." (1)

The father of the dead girls is ACCUSED of killing them for family honor as they dated boys and wore revealing clothing, according to the prosecutions opening statement. He also lived in a polygamous marriage with two wives as the first one could not bear him the children he is accused of killing. First wife helped raise his kids.

(1) today's Kingston Whig Standard

NB: I am not anti-Muslim, but I believe polygamy to be sexist and against Canadian law.
Re: The laws in some neighbour countries
October 24, 2011 07:19AM
so stay in canada, candian law is for candians dont try to impose your ideas on other nations just because they dont suit what you think is right and wrong
Re: The laws in some neighbour countries
October 24, 2011 01:43PM
Who the hell would take the side of the child murderer on this issue?

james you are defending mass murder of all female members of one family as an act of honor? 3 murders of 3 females is honorable to you?

We don't practice that sick child and women murdering shit as an act of honor over here in North America and any normal loving parent would be outraged by this, and any decent American woman would kill that bastard if he tried that shit here!

does anybody care about JUSTICE for the dead girls????

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