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Fort Hood AGAIN?

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Fort Hood AGAIN?
July 28, 2011 09:08AM
It appears that Nasser Jason Abdo has been arrested at Fort Hood. At the time of his arrest explosives and jihadist materials were discovered. Credit for the arrest can be given to a citizen that reported suspicious behavior by Abdo. Abdo is also being investigated for child pornograhpy.
Apparently Abdo went AWOL July 4 filing as a conscientuous objector upon recieving orders to deploy to Afghanistan.
I think it is time for the U.S military to begin a purge of all muslim soldiers. In my opinion they cannot be trusted in Texas, much less on the battlefield. Every islamic terrorist needs to be rooted out and eliminated. That can begin at home!
Re: Fort Hood AGAIN?
July 29, 2011 10:15AM
OOOOOh! are you ever going to get it from the politically correct mob that hangs out here!
I totally agree with you! The PC police will wake up one day and find out that it is no longer their country!
May not happen in their lifetime but it will in their children and grand children's.
It is already too late for europe!
Re: Fort Hood AGAIN?
July 30, 2011 08:51AM
Youre probably right Scott. So be it. That silly pc bullshit makes me sick along with every sob that continues to destroy the english language and our western culture. Naturally the media tops the list. Swamps are now "wetlands". The crippled went to handicapped and on to the "physically challenged". Then my favorites the bi-polar and schizophreniacs that are simply crazy.
Back to the latest (not sure I havent scanned the news section this morning) "MUSLIM TERRORIST" or "Islamic Extremist" as the bastards prefer to be called. When the story broke one media source suggested that perhaps he was ONLY engaging in inspirational thoughts. Can you believe that? Three boxes of shotgun shells, explosives, some 40 S&W ammo and some pressure cookers ready to load with explosives admitting his plan to bomb a restaurant where soldies dined. Helluva a inspiration thinker wasnt he? And the gentleman wasnt finished. When brought before the judge he refused to rise and later shouted the name of Nidal Hasan 2009 in the courtroom.
Lets hope another death penalty sentence is handed down for this little pervert. The sooner the better!
The U.S.A. has Mr. Greg Ebert former police officer/gun dealer to thank for reporting suspicious behaviour by the terrorist for his capture. Fortunately he reported it to competent authorities within the Killeen Police Department and the TERRORIST was apprehended before the crime was committed. Guess Mr Diddly fk Nasar Abdul will have to wait a bit longer on his 72 virgins along with Nidal Hasanabobee.
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