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Calderon - "I accuse"

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Calderon - "I accuse"
June 12, 2011 09:00AM
Today's El Universal:

Presidente Felipe Calderón lanzó un “yo acuso” en contra de la industria armamentista de Estados Unidos de ser la causante de miles de muertes en México, dentro de la lucha contra la delincuencia organizada.

“¿Por qué sigue este negocio de armas? Yo lo digo abiertamente: por el lucro, por las ganancias que le produce a la industria armamentista norteamericana este asunto. Yo acuso a la industria armamentista norteamericana de las miles de muertes que están ocurriendo hoy en México”, dijo Calderón ante unos 600 migrantes.

“Yo acuso y exijo, exijo que se ponga orden en este tema. Y no se trata de reformar la Constitución de Estados Unidos siquiera, tan sólo con que restablecieran lo que puso el presidente William Clinton alguna vez (The Assault Weapons Ban), ley que prohibía la venta de armas de asalto, con eso iríamos de gane en muchas cosas”, afirmó.

Howard Platt, Manzanillo
Re: Calderon - "I accuse"
June 12, 2011 11:13AM
The honorable President Calderon should have included exactly how may of the AR-15 rifles collected had originally been legally sold to the Mexican Government and RESOLD to organized crime Cartels by corrupt mexican policeman and military officials. Statistics can be manipulated by the author to fit any scenario. That is clearly been established by the completely misleading statements by Calderon and Obama concerning firearms collected in Mexico. The silly twosome should be working harder to legalize firearm ownership in Mexico and quit toying with the idea of legalizing drugs.
Re: Calderon - "I accuse"
June 12, 2011 04:16PM
I assume this was related to the huge ATF blunder that's recently become public

Sparks Blog - Melaque Blog - Costalegre
Re: Calderon - "I accuse"
June 12, 2011 06:29PM
Although the ATF is a complete blunder within itself the program Fast and Furious was to gather information and identify possible legal firearm purchases being resold to drug cartels. The statistics published by both the Obama misadministration and the CIC himself along with the Mexican Government are completely misleading. They do so by giving statistics based on firearms seized and traced. Many firearms such as the commie AK-47 are brought in through South America and are not traceable. Also worth noting is the vast majority of firearms traced to the U.S are actually firearms that have been sold to Mexico and other countries such as Guatemala and Nicaragua. Large quantities of Colt AR-15's recovered in Mexico were sold to the Mexican Army, Navy and Federal police forces and resold by enterprising authorities to the cartels. Believe me I have studied this in depth due to a very heated argument I recently had defending the U.S 2nd Amendment with Mexican officials. It took many pages of printed translations to get them to understand the truth. Upon reading the statistics and the explanation of our 2nd Amendment the same officials decided to drop the argument and start blasting Calderon on his failed war against the cartels. The bottom line is Mexico has taken so much flak from the U.S about supplying the American junkies they have jumped on the American firearms in Mexico issue as a counter bitching technique. What the lawabiding Mexican public needs is a way to defend themselves. Hell you have thousands of people walking the countryside here marching for "peace" as though the country is at war. Goddamn they dont need peace they need to repeal the silly socialist gun and explosive act crammed down their throats in 1968 and take their country back away from the criminals! Think thats absurd eh? Try asking someone who has been kidnapped or had a family member gunned down in cold blood while they stood there completely unable to respond.
That brings me back to our beloved 2nd Amendment and some idiots constant pursuit to chisel it away. Just how hard is it to understand 27 very clear well written words of english?
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