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Virus Protection ?? FYI

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Virus Protection ?? FYI
April 07, 2021 01:06PM
Que Mierda!
AstraZenica and Johnson&Johnson vaccines are manufactured by Emergent BioSoutions
of Maryland USA.
Multiple millions of doses have been discovered as contaminated and destroyed. Many questions remain.
Rush to judgement is always precarious, specially when politics and greed enter the picture.
Always the "what to do" questions?
The article attached hopefully clarifies this dilemma?

Re: Virus Protection ?? FYI
April 09, 2021 08:54AM
What brand of shots are being injected here locally in Melaque, Barra, Cihuatlan and Manzanillo?
It would be nice to know what is going to live with me.
Seems there are very different values and risks involved.
Are they all the same or different content?
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