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Re: Chinese vaccine in Mexico

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Re: Chinese vaccine in Mexico
January 14, 2021 01:46PM

I am an Australian
So best get your facts correct before going off at my comments

Hence why I was referring to the residents and governments of the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE countries who seem to not have a full understanding of the evilness of dictator xi and the damage this dictator is inflicting in open view !!!

The " it isn't in my backyard attitude / doesn't concern me "

It isn't " dominance " I was talking about, it is a BLATANT DISREGARD FOR HUMAN RIGHTS & THE LEGAL RIGHTS OF OTHER COUNTRIES !

Particularly those countries located in Asia, for the moment anyway !

And I would much prefer to have the U.S as the " worlds police " than the brutal dictator xi whose atrocities FAR OUTWEIGH those of the American's

At least there is some accountability in America as opposed to a dictator doing as he wishes = See the Phillipines court case ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC

Hence why he changed the chinese " constitution " to enable him to remain dictator for life in spite of china ending the ruler for life scenario.

Ditto for his mate putin = PM / President / Pm / President etc since 2000 and now rewrote the " constitution " enabling him to remain dictator for life
Invading Georgia/ supporting assad ETC ( I won't go into putin's atrocities in length )
Poisoning the russian opposition leader during the pandemic
Mind you the KGB must be losing their touch as he survived :)
Also taking advantage of the situation / timing whilst the world is dealing with the chinese virus !

Maybe read up on some of the facts I mentioned such as :

Spratly islands
Phillipines at International Court
Hong Kong ( which xi has annihilated their democracy whilst the world has been concerned with combating his virus whilst expanding his illegal military base at the same time !! )
Falun Gong and dissidents ANYONE opposing xi being chopped up and sold for spare parts !!!

No one knows the full extent of the atrocities / murders of innocent people within china.

Re: Chinese vaccine in Mexico
January 14, 2021 11:05PM
Maybe start another thread on us and China politics , this one is about vaccines.

Sir Lance
Re: Chinese vaccine in Mexico
January 15, 2021 07:55AM
No worries Lance,

My initial post was about the chinese vaccine and the false data initially released.

In addition to stating there is NO way I would be taking a vaccine made in china !

I just wish everyone the best of luck if they take the chinese vaccine

Aside from its low efficacy rate, 50.4% at last check, the dictator may even have managed to implant a microchip in his vaccine !!

He is in the early stages of micro chipping all chinese

This is hopefully not the case / a semi joke but you cannot put anything past this evil dictator

Cuidate a todos
Re: Chinese vaccine in Mexico
August 24, 2021 04:47PM
When the vaccine day was announced in our community for our age group in April, we decided it was best to get any vaccine then to wait for the best that "paid experts" would say. That day it was the CanSino vaccine that was given. Probably the better vaccine to distribute due to its ease of keeping in the refrigerator for our hot climate.

The following day I was not feeling too well but my wife did not get any symptom. I recovered 1 day later.

The vaccine prevents severe cases of Covid-19 and 66% for light cases. We will eventually see how long the vaccine efficiency lasts. As for the Pfizer, we are now seeing that efficiency drops a lot with time.

Unfortunately, this vaccine is not accepted north of the border (USA or Canada), so if I travel I will need to get another vaccine to be able to stay. For the moment, there is no travel planned until the situation stabilizes and potentially other WHO vaccines are approved.

A friend of mine is trying to get the AstraZeneca vaccine to go to Europe but he is unable to get any confirmation where to get the vaccine in Mexico. The authorities are not advertising where the vaccines are distributed.
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