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Access to Canadian television

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Access to Canadian television
November 29, 2018 12:50PM
We have a smart tv purchased in Puerto Escondido. We have a tv service in Canada which we want to access for news. We have an IPhone and an IPad. We have signed up for aVPN service so that our Canadian tv provider (Telus) does not know we are not in Canada. We downloaded the Optik tv application. So now we can watch our Telus tv channels on our IPad. How do we hook the I Pad up to the tv so we can see our programs on the big screen. Your help is appreciated
Re: Access to Canadian television
December 06, 2018 11:40AM
Have you tried casting it to your tv. Do Ipads even have a usb outlet.
Re: Access to Canadian television
February 04, 2019 12:19PM
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