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Thanks King Obama!

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Thanks King Obama!
October 31, 2010 09:29AM
Watching King Obama stumping hard to help his democrat allies is the best news yet! Imagine that with all his hi tech advisors not one of them has figured out that its current WH policies that have helped the Republicans this far. A new sun is rising! Too bad Presidential terms aren't limited to two yrs! Hahaha Kicking that damn harry reid out will be worth it all! Go Republicans! Call it getting Nevada back on course!

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Re: Thanks King Obama!
November 02, 2010 10:50AM
Cant wait to watch the Pre Lame Obama after todays landslide. He will have alot to look forward to. As the liberal left wingers chanted before he was elected. A change is coming!. Well yes it is. May end up being a good thing he won his one and only 4 yr term. Sorta reminds me of the ol saying "Fascism Never Again!" Hahaha The U.S. has finally woke up! Maybe now someone can start an impeachment process to get that damn crippled duck outa the way! Hahaha
Re: Thanks King Obama!
November 02, 2010 12:18PM
you know you will go crazy talking to yourself lt, no need to reply as your a joke and a legend in your own mind
Re: Thanks King Obama!
November 02, 2010 12:40PM
Well now dont fret over me nona baby Ill manage. Besides Im n2 some online chat about how the election is going in the ol Republic. Looking good from Selma. LOL

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M istake
A merica

Word at this hour is that Ol Nancy lost her vocal chords. Harrys hanging by a thread. Whole lotta headway. House under control. Strong senate weakened. The duck is wounded. Republicans are hammering nails in the coffin of the king! Hahaha

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Re: Thanks King Obama!
November 04, 2010 05:18PM
The biggest mistake was all you red neck good ole boys relatives that brought over the slaves. Had sex with them, gave them their last names then blamed everyone else for the problem after they LOST the WAR and too this day. But stil wish they had slaves to impregnate to this day. That is the mistake of hereditary hypocrites that kept the half and halfs and banished them to Mexico to work for beans a beer and a murdered stolen old ladies home.

You can take the crawdads out of the river but you cant stop them from licking their mulatto chops. The second biggest mistake was hiring a bunch of Mexicans to help you deal drugs and take back the U.S. because the public no longer trusted republicans.
You got your bags packed yet? Were warming up the PEN. I mean time is SHORT!
Re: Thanks King Obama!
November 04, 2010 07:13PM
Whoa, loopy tyrant you all better crawl back into your Burka and head on back to sweet home wherever. I think Info! is finally on to ya in a big ole way, snitching you out big time. Your ole timey sins are coming home to roost and them crawdads are dealing drugs up your American river, or something like that. Anyway, you all lock and troll big-time!!
Re: Thanks King Obama!
November 05, 2010 08:42AM
Yeah Info had Eric, Dave, Sr. Fransisco. God only knows how many others and now me. Be better off wasting his time thinking about the sentence the M.P. is handling as we speak. Hahaha
Be happy to finish with him so me and the boys can go to work on his accomplice. Wife beaters get little respect. Documented

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Re: Thanks King Obama!
November 05, 2010 11:26AM
LT --------------------------------------- [ar.voicefive.com]


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