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Ford cancels $1.6bn mexico plant....

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Ford cancels $1.6bn mexico plant....
January 03, 2017 12:30PM
.....on adolph trump's criticism of the idea....and the peso falls to $21mx = $1usd. coconutz
Re: Ford cancels $1.6bn mexico plant....
January 19, 2017 11:16AM
Why does any American corporation move jobs from the USA to Mexico, needless to say they make a calculated decision that they can make more profit and stay competitive in the global market, that pretty much is the reason. Why would Ford then cancel their plans to pour money into Mexican facilities and change their minds and decide to stay in the USA?Again, the answer is they are money motivated, no other reason, so if Ford has decided to forego the pouring of dollars into Mexican facilities and invest those monies in the USA, follow the money. Simple as that, if Trump makes their decision a no brainer, then so be it.
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