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Keep it up thieves

Posted by • Enviado por Info1 
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Keep it up thieves
October 07, 2010 12:36PM
You all have arrest warrants, and are registered with the federal kidnapping registry, now I guess you are waiting for the 60 plus counts of bank and federal tax theft charges to come down. I never met such a poor sick group of people who can not even think for themselves to make an honest penny. Scum of the earth.
You guys are @#$%& regardless of all your corrupt people whom we know who they are.
Not stopping me one bit.
Re: Keep it up thieves
October 07, 2010 01:31PM
Info1 is apparently struggling with another anger crisis. Hes attempting to assure the forum he has introduced some ficticious character/s into a non existent registry of some sort. Undoubtably skipped his medication, again. Hey folks watch out for those indictments to come rolling down the hill. Hahaha
Anger crisis 101 reports many patients become more integrated and accepted into society upon recieving a job. That includes a job with any form of authority. Anything from a KFC janitorial position to school crossing traffic flagman is appropriate.
Remember the highways are in terrible shape. Chrome curbfeelers for the pimpmobile are advised on the next tour.
We all wish the best for Info1 and his family.
Re: Keep it up thieves
October 08, 2010 08:46PM
The only thing that is imaginative is your temporary lease on life.
Re: Keep it up thieves
October 08, 2010 08:52PM
So which ministerios are wanted for extortion these days?
You checked the license plate too soon. Your gov guy here is pretty stupid.

Hey your buddy that stole the names for the people you guys extorted here is wanted too. They made four denuncias connected to you.
I think he should stay away from extranjero social groups.
But thats old news.
Re: Keep it up thieves
October 08, 2010 08:56PM
No one listens to you, even with a 30+ identities you have on Tomzap.
Enjoy the ride.
You have been shut down with the fudge packer.

Hey everybody, lets get ready to have the last laugh.

I mean if you cant live in Mexico legally, what kind of trash are you?

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