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Glad Someone Loves Me Today

Posted by • Enviado por MortimerSnerd 
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Glad Someone Loves Me Today
July 18, 2016 05:12PM
...beginning to think nobody cares anymore, I hardly get any emails...boo-hoo sob sob... then in comes this wonderful letter today offering me all kinds of money... some people are sooo kind. I just can't believe my luck... he's just trying to alleviate poverty in the world too... so anyone wanna share in my newfound largess?

Perfect Greetings,

My name is Neil Trotter the current winner of 108 million Pounds on the Euro million Jackpot Draw for 2014,my wife decided bring to you this perfect good news in such a perfect timing. I know this is surprising to have received this But because of my last two years unexpected blessings which still surprises me. My wife and i decided to donate 5,000,000 (five Million Great Britain Pounds) to you and as part of my effort to alleviate poverty and care for the less privileged around the world .We decided to donate to just 5 people around the globe which you are a part of.
so do get back me quickly via my personal email id . Take note (neil372juend1@gmail.com)
Do Provide the following information below when contacting me

Country of Residence:
Mobile Number:
Date of Birth:
I anticipate your quick response with the above details
Perfect Regards.

Neil Trotter.

...this has all the earmarks and language usage of a Nigerian boiler room email scam mill..
Re: Glad Someone Loves Me Today
July 18, 2016 06:55PM
Richard....don't wait too long, you may loose a great opportunity.

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