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Mexico working to be the BEST in various objectives.

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Mexico working to be the BEST in various objectives.
September 20, 2010 01:16PM
A long time goal, Mexico has finally succeeded in being the NO 1 kidnapping country in the world. Holding dearly to position #2 since 2004. The target group with the highest amount of kidnappings are ........ children.


Wow considering over 75% of ALL crimes in Mexico are NEVER reported.


With the help from the same Mexican crime members spilling over into the U.S.....PEOPLE the number two city IN THE WORLD for kidnapping IS (drum rollllllllll)
tah dah.... Phoenix Arizona. Now some say lets make that an electric fence like in Jurassic park.

Now that makes the Puerto Escondido police hiring the E.T.A. faction to do mass kidnappings in the past a little slack. How many were found in their safe house? 17 in one .... 32 in the other ? one in Lagunas de Chacachua and the other just south of town. somebody chime with the real data.


They do not mention at the same time 2 safe houses in the area were raided and approximately 32 people were saved.
Statements by investigators described the police agencies as hiring them to do mass kidnappings. The E.T.A. were too strong and got out of control. At that time in Mexico's history Mexico openly allowed terrorist organizations to freely operate and raise cash for foreign terrorist operations.....LEGALLY..... Now illegal but it like everything else, has never stopped.

Always just coming short with #2 in the past. It's all history now as Mexico has surpassed Iraq and is now the most dangerous place in the world for media workers in the world.
Recently announced by the head of the United States adviser on organized crime and drug cartels in Mexico. Violence is no longer just a border problem but spread out throughout the entire country.


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