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Ode to the Mighty Italica

Posted by • Enviado por johnzap 
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Ode to the Mighty Italica
March 26, 2015 03:47PM
Your name implies European make.
But Italians say you're a Chinese fake.
Your tiny moter will put four up or three
But you'll never be in Moto GP.
Your motor will last three or four,
then it's time to rebuild once more...

A lot of folk spend a few months down here every year, the head back north to earn enough to do it all again next year. Toting a car back and forth every year can turn into a serious pain in the posterior. And buying a car down here will always be surprisingly expensive. But you really don't like to have to find your favorite taxi driver and coordinate available times. And even the camioneta won't get you to every deserted beach you want to see.

But a new Italika can be had for under a k, usd. And that's not the little minibike with the Chinese Briggs & Stratton knock-off; that's only about $400usd. Even the four-wheele with reverse and front & rear racks goes for under 2k, with the 150cc motor. Displacements range from 100cc or so to the rarw 250cc, which is a fast bike by Italika standards. And even though locals put three and four up, they usually get 3-4 years between rebuilds, even on these twisty, rutted, tope-infested roads.

So just tossin'another option out there...
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