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Mexico sparkles

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Mexico sparkles
July 29, 2010 08:40PM
This relates to Mexico, so perhaps I should not post it here, but where else?

Team Mexico's fireworks display dazzles Vancouver crowd

VANCOUVER - Crowds cheered in anticipation as sparks began to fly from the barge.
They weren't disappointed. English Bay was packed to the brim for Mexico's chance to light up the sky Wednesday night.

"I love the selection of music," said Burnaby resident Elaine Yip. She said Mexico's show was better than the others.
"There was perfect timing with the music," she said.

The fireworks weren't the only sparks flying. Ian and Sara Taylor are here from the UK for their fifth wedding anniversary. They "loved" the fireworks. "We came here for our honeymoon," he said. "The setting is amazing."

Team Lux Pirotecnia, under the leadership of Jorge Marquez, competed for Mexico. The team is no stranger to victory: It placed 1st at Vancouver's Celebration of Light in 2006.

A wide variety of musical genres were selected for Mexico's performance, which was called “Journey.” Spanish rock, Mexican contemporary and “Banda” music, a mix of pop tunes and electronic beats, blasted in time with the sparks flying through the air. The different musical genres were hoped to elicit a “journey” of emotions from the crowds of revelers.

Howard Platt, Manzanillo
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